Thursday, September 18, 2008


When you pull a book off a shelf, crack open its spine, and begin to flip through the pages, you expect the story to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Only sometimes, the final chapter is missing and you don’t know how the damn thing ends.

Unresolved relationships, open-ended events, issues long forgotten can be like those missing pages, and I am someone who needs to know what happens.

I need some closure on some stories that happened from the past.

Instead of wallowing in doubt (Was it me? What did I do?), I whip up a satisfactory denouement to tie up any loose ends.

It’s a cop-out to think of yourself as the hero, and the other party as the villain. There is no good and bad. Everyone is equally complicated. There are no extenuating circumstances (although they help with melodramas), and the basic story is kept simple.

Hopefully, it all ends well, even if there are no happy endings. I hope to close some chapters in my book. Maybe not everything. But I have to start.

Sometimes closure must be created on the page, read and accepted to help shut the book close, and placed back on the shelf.

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