Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fugly Fuck

Let’s talk about sex, shall we?

It’s seems to be everywhere: on television, radio, Internet, inside, outside, even in outer space. You can’t escape it. It’s all around you.

Not surprisingly, one of the most prevalent places to find sex is online. Millions of sites exist with every kind of fetish available. Photos, films, and an endless list of products are right at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, after a while, what was originally entertaining, begins to look and sound the same.

Fantasies are situated in exotic locals, with lighting which hides stretch-marks and cellulite, everyone is a willing nymphomaniac (with no gag-reflex), model-perfect with a gym-sculpted body. Sometimes there are three or four partners (if not more) in endless orgies where everyone knows how to use every part of their body in every position known to man (and even some just discovered).

Naturally, it all ends with earth-shattering orgasms, a cigarette and afterglow.

There must be another - more realistic - side to this. The side where things aren’t always perfect, where things go seriously wrong, tragically hilarious and really, really ugly.

I want to hear stories where fucking isn’t on Frette sheets, people aren't perfect, have a little flab and unnecessary body hair. There are smells and inappropriate bodily functions, and people hurt themselves attempting to recreate positions in the Kama Sutra because no one knows what they’re doing.

Instead of having them come, you’d rather see them go.

Now, that's entertaining.

There is a lot more that I can write about, but it would get too graphic. And, I’m not that kind of guy who likes to go there.


Lance said...

hahahaha... nice artik!
but, no, im not a porn addict!! wahahahah

MrDJ said...