Friday, June 27, 2008


I am not sure how it all began – I suspect it could have had something to do when I sniffed a pentel pen up in my nostrils.

Months ago, I met this young guy who looked like he had too much of something. At least he does not look socially crippling or embarrassing. We were introduced before but I guess he forgot who I was. We were re-introduced and we partied with his special friend that night. After a quick minute, he disappeared.

Weeks after, we started exchanging bitchy comments at Multiply. Later on, I found out that he was a grade school classmate of my 3 close buddies. The grade school classmate who hates Sailormoon.

Daily YM chats, exchanging party stories and MP3 sharing came next. Our world became smaller and smaller upon knowing that he knows this who happens to be my that.
He left Vietnam and decided to work here again. I received a unexpected call, that he’s already in Makati. I was in Subic that time, enjoying the cool breeze in the air and the solace that the resort offered… inside my room watching HBO.

A week after, we saw each other at the club. Then the connection was established.
Weird thing though, I never thought I’d be close to him instantly. Well, we share common interests but that’s about it. I don’t consider him as my best friend as I really don’t like the BFF concept. We just clicked and I am truly grateful and thankful for meeting such a… friend.
A couple of weeks ago, we started calling each other “bro.” Ridiculing the word itself, pathetic when you hear it with gay circles as if it re-assures how manly you are only to find out that you like wearing your mom’s 4-inch heels.

I became his own personal diary, sharing how complicated his love life is. It’s like a 3-4x therapy session whenever we have the chance to talk. He will drain your energy but you’ll be entertained. He became my gimmick buddy and job head hunter, my Nova Villa and bully-buddy. Beware when the two of us unite.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate his 25th birthday! I guess he already has everything (except for the SLR camera that he wanted), and like what he said to me a while ago, this is his year.


I wish you all the goodness that life has to offer… and pancit for long life.

*syet... bakit ganyan hair mo? hahahaha. Parang Sarimanok. Hahahaha.


Momel said...

Yeah, happy birthday too.

I must say, isn't this a ticking bomb of an eye opener? It's either that, or I haven't been paying much attention recently.


MrDJ said...

actually, i found out that my inkling to this guy is more brotherly. we're twins separated at birth. both eccentric. wahahaha