Thursday, May 08, 2008

Move Bitch

I was feeling a little down tonight, bored at work. From RS, JC and I walked along Ayala going to BCT for a meeting. Had 2 cups of coffee and some chips, still, bored as hell. Left BCT around 2am, went back to RS. I decided to swing by 7-11 to get some chips and drinks.

As I was scanning the narrow aisles, some fat-assed woman and her husband we're standing smack in the middle gawking at the candy section. Hoping to browse on the other side of the woman, I figured I was skinny enough to try to squeeze behind her, unfortunately grazing her fat ass in the process. She instantly turns to her husband and says, loud enough for me to hear:

"You know what word has fallen out of the English language? Manners."

Admittedly, I didn't bother to even whisper an "excuse me" as I passed, but she saw me coming at her and didn't bother to move. Given her obvious sense of old lady entitlement, I suppose her comment isn't all that surprising of a reaction. I glared at her afterwards, but she didn't notice, and I briefly thought of responding with: "Was that comment intended for me? It wouldn't have happened if your fat ass wasn't taking up the entire aisle," but then I figured I wouldn't stoop to her passive-aggressive level (or what would have been pure aggressiveness in my case).

At any rate, the brief unfortunate episode made me feel even worse (on top of the fact the store didn't have the chips I wanted).

Got any Mr. Chips? Care to share?

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