Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Don't Just Leave... Disappear

There are some people who are always in the picture even after you have taken them out of the frame and thrown it away. They get under your skin, and not in the good way. They are a part of your past and it is difficult to forget about them - lobotomy included.

Sometimes, when you think they are gone for good, they pop up at the most inopportune time: right before the last synaptic memory has re-programmed itself in your brain. Then, they are back.

It is at this moment where you want them to be gone. Forever. It is not that you want them dead, per se, you just do not want them to be alive. Or, at least, alive in your head. You want them to disappear. Vanish. Exiled into oblivion. Into the ether. And, you never want to think about them, again.

Just when you think they are gone for the umpteenth time, they reappear. And, the cycle starts all over again. Fuckers.

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Marc said...

I know the feeling.