Monday, March 10, 2008


You can’t always get what you want…

When The Rolling Stones sang this line, they didn’t know how prescient it would be. Even when life is filled with champagne wishes and caviar dreams, no one can snap their fingers and have anything presented to them on a silver platter. And when it comes to matters of the heart, there is no amount of wanting that can make someone unattainable want you in return.

Normally, there are three kinds of unattainability:

1. You like someone, but him/her doesn't know who you are.
2. You like someone, but him/her doesn't like you the way you like them.
3. You like someone, but him/her doesn't like you.

They all have their good sides and bad sides. Some may be better than others, while some may be worse than others. It all depends on the person and the situation.

The first situation is where no one gets hurt (usually). You see them from afar and you can daydream and plan your life with them. Quite often, these fantasies entail celebrities or those who are on a higher social echelon (money, looks, education, a combination of all of the above). The only vested interest is that of a visual nature.

The second situation is the most painful. It typically is the most emotionally draining. Quite often, the reason why they don’t like you is because they like someone else more than you (which is fair). But, if they are a flirt or enjoy playing games, they can lead you on for an undetermined amount of time. You end up wasting precious time and energy on someone who doesn’t want you even though you’re hoping that they’ll leave their current paramour for you.

The third situation is like a Band-Aid that is ripped off: a sharp sting, but then it’s over in a couple of seconds. There can be a red mark, maybe a bit of skin removed, and a couple of drops of blood, but you’ll survive since you have developed a thicker skin after situation number two.

In the end, no situation is ideal. Your heart can be lonely, played with, or ripped out of your chest while it’s still beating. If it was ideal, you’d always get what you want, no matter what The Rolling Stones sing.

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