Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Magnets need a positive and a negative side to attract one another. When there are two like sides (either positive, or negative), they repel one another. Oddly, the repulsion is stronger than the attraction.

In a way, magnets can be similar to people.

For example, take two people with the same wants, needs and desires. But, they're too similar, and in turn, end up repulsing each other. What was once attraction, is now repulsion. A relationship is fractured. While they can get close, their like “charges” force them to stay apart.

There are two bodies with one shared motherfucker of a conflict. They know you too well because they're - another version of - you. You can't win a fight because they know every move, and even I want to have something hidden away just in case I'll need it for the divorce proceedings.

If one could only flip one person around for the laws of attraction to work effectively. Maybe opposites do attract. It's just too bad people aren't magnets.

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