Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hug Me

A hug is one of the most telling signs of affection between two people. It brings a physical quality and connection between beings without the need for any sexual overtones (unless they're desired, of course).

For the past several months, I have noticed there are several kinds of hugs people give. The people who give them range in personalities and their intentions are always different.

There’s one between family members. They grab you, kiss you on the cheeks, and promptly let you go because they realize you’re going to have a long drive back home (and they don't want the Taupperware container full of food to spoil).

There’s one between you and a friend that’s nonchalant. They wrap their arms – loosely – around you, and pat you on the back as if they’re doing it out of pity... and they usually are.

There’s one between you and a friend that’s happy you’re there because they haven’t seen you in a long time. They hold you in, their arms crossed against your back, and they squeeze just a touch so as not to make it seem ‘uncomfortable’ between both parties involved.

There’s the one between you and someone who doesn’t like to hug. They wrap their arms around you, almost clumsily, and the feeling is almost awkward as you realize they more comfortable holding a prickly cactus.

There is one between you and someone who feel like they’re going to lose you. They hold you so tight, believing if they let go, they’ll never see you again. Their muscles start to tense and their body tremors. You feel empathy because of their impending loss. When you release, you’re still shaking.

Whatever the type of hug, just remember that each one is special in their own way.

Well… maybe the pity one I can live without.

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