Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Screw You

Would you screw someone over just to get ahead? Would I screw someone over just to get ahead? How can anyone use someone to get ahead? Is the world really about jabbing someone in the back? It is really sort of sad. I’m sure it’s more common then I like to think. Actually, I hope it’s not all that common. Everyone should get by on their own merits. Yes? No?

How ethical is it to place misfortune on someone else? You shouldn’t make someone else look bad just to make yourself look better. There is no reason to drag someone down for no reason. I believe those who screw people over will eventually face karma. Shouldn’t we get by on our own merits?

Yes, we should be able to get ahead without knocking someone else.

This post represents my random thoughts on the subject. I think it is very sad indeed. The whole idea of using someone else to just plain sad. It’s wrong. In friendship, in business or no business. Wrong. Period. End of this discussion.

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