Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Don't Think You're Cute

There are some people who are complimented frequently by others. Quite often they are told they’re smart, funny, snappily-dressed, and quite flexible. Or maybe, that’s what they tell me.


There are some compliments I hear that bother me, especially when the person receiving them shouldn’t. When some people are called cute and aren’t, then I know a line has been crossed.

Cute is considered to be an innocent and (possibly) youthful sexiness. It’s not hard and overt, but soft.

Even though cute is subjective, there are some people who are or who aren’t. This bothers me because I don’t think they’re cute. In fact, some of them I think aren’t attractive, at all. Yet, it seems like everyone thinks they are. Is there something I can’t see, and are they really cute? Are they really not cute, and are people just complimenting them because they’re trying to be nice by inflating the other person’s feeling of self worth?

Then again, I shouldn’t talk about it because I have been called cute and I’m sure there are a hell of a lot of people who think differently.

Still, if Matt Damon can be called cute even though he resembles someone who was smacked with a case of Down Syndrome up side the head, then I know cute has lost all value as a word.

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