Friday, February 22, 2008

I Vow

Blogging on the internet is like shouting into a water well. Although it echoes, you can never tell if you're being heard on the other end. Like my being single (as if I have a choice not-to-be-single). You know...waiting for that someone (some people call them “the one”) and all...talking about echoes and wells and stuff...only to make a point that this part in everyone's life (being single and whatnot) is what I call a macrocosmic awkwardness in the conversation of life. As you grow wiser and more comfortable with who you are, awkward silences eventually outgrow feelings of dread. And therefore one is no longer compelled to stuff it with pointless blabber (like what most of us do on dates). So suddenly thinking that it is better for me to wait patiently than be with someone I wouldn't like anyway, I decided to have a full time occupation while I'm at it. I’m a full time single guy. Haha!

It’s not too late to make resolutions. I’m making 8 resolutions or shall I say 8 vows for 2008…

1. I vow not to waste my time on things that "seem important" (e.g take my MBA because "it seems important" or brush my hair 100 times a day because it "seems important")

2. Having mentioned number one, I vow to spend my time on things that are important. (e.g family, work, my life's purpose and my health)

3. I vow to spend money only on things I really need and to take joy in simply looking at pretty things I don't need. (e.g candies and cakes diet).

4. I vow to take full responsibility for my face. Hence, I will only frown at things that really need frowning at (like people who MUST NOT WEAR skinny jeans and people who barely knows what good fashion is) and take time to consider things I never thought were worth smiling for (like banana flambe that tastes like kerosene or eating yellow paper (at least i know what they taste like)) btw, brown paper tastes better.

5. I vow to internalize that success is a journey and not an end. Hence, now is not too early to declare that I am successful.. and that everyday is a chance to feel successful. (no punchline there, sorry..).

6. I vow to overlearn that happiness is not the moving bunny in a horse race nor the star at the top of your christmas tree nor feeling high at around 3am. Happiness is ..the muscles of your abs. (you may have not felt it yet but believe me, it's there- it's inside of you).

7. I vow not to commit to anything that doesn't give me a reason to wake up cheerfully the next morning...or noon...or afternoon..(if you consider late night parties).(e.g sleeping gives you a reason to wake up cheerfully the next morning therefore, I will commit to that..also, love, hope and world peace, seriously).

8. Finally, I vow not to make a career of something just because I am good at it. It has to be something I am good at, something which I enjoy doing and something my life's experiences has prepared me to do (something that involves a stage, a microphone, and dim lighting). I’ve worked for a lot of companies and I realized that it is better if you really like the job and not just the salary that goes with it. Believe me, money is not everything.

I really wish anyone who reads this would learn a thing or two from the echoing of my brain into this deep deep well. But if not...I'd still feel like a success. Well as far as I know, not everyone would try to eat yellow paper just to know what it tastes like.

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