Monday, October 22, 2007

The Great Mystery

Secrets are heavy weights hanging by slender threads. Secrets have lives wrapped around them.

This is The Great Mystery. I have been friends with TGM for nearly a 5 years. She has always been a riddle inside an enigma, confined within a mystery. Charming, seductive, connected, determined, damaged.

I know something she doesn't want me to know. She is deluded if she thinks it won't have leaked back to me. I hoard gossip. She is talking about it openly enough with others. She's just not telling me. Much to my surprise, I am irrationally bothered by this. Whatever makes her happy. Now, I am left Greatly Mystified.

As ever, there's some back story. Maybe in the next couple of days, I will take a calculated risk. I dicussed the whole saga with a couple of people, our old friends way back from our college days. I made it clear that I knew. They told me chapter and verse. I'm hoping that the conversation will not leak back to her. Or should I leak bits of pieces of onfo. That makes her not telling me redundant - will I give her an easy way out. That way, it can be said, tacitly acknowledged and smoothed over. I can choose to make her say it, if I want. And then we can talk, drink, dance and relax. And then, call it quits. Or should I?

Out of curiosity, and accepting that you (well, all but one of you), don't know TGM, what should I do instead?

Maggie... My dear old friend. We've gone through a lot but you slipped. The 5 long years we've been friends, has to stop. You will always be a The Great Mystery. But honey, this was all your fault. You are to blame for all of this.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Choose To Be Happy

Today… I choose to be happy.

It is true what they say. The worst things in life will make you a better person one way or the other. Sadly, I know that things will not probably be the same for most of us. But I am glad that I got to know all of you. Confronted some, and befriended a handful of people. Thank you for sharing your time with me!

You alone will know what’s best for you. There will always be people who will step on you to make themselves stand out. If this bothers you, then fight. As Bob Marley said, “Stand up for your right.” If you continue to let these people pull or push you down, then it’s your own fault.

Nice game. I played hard. And I think I won.

Quitting is winning. And as I step outside, I will have no regrets.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Three Little Words

Writing my blog. Very cool weather. I'm drinking coffee. And smoking too. I'm feeling sleepy.

A happy memory. Crosses my mind. Some weeks ago. I met TWO. Had a blast. We went dancing. No alcohol involved. We went home. Fun all night. And all morning.

Totally with ease. I found comfort. I am safe. Then we kissed. Then we cuddled. Then fell asleep. I stayed over. The next morning. Some more cuddling. Cooked some brunch. Ate it together. Then we kissed. "See you again."

Something this good. Can't be wrong.

3 weeks after. We're still together. I'm in love. We're in love. This will last. I just know. After 3 years. We both waited. Now we're together.

I'm in love. We're in love.

I love you.