Monday, October 16, 2006


I know that I’ve been blogging a lot about my work and how do not not hate it. About my colleagues, about my tasks, about management changes. I’ve been dragging this negativity for the past year or so. The only good thing about ranting about work is that I don’t need to get fired up at the office and start to become unprofessional. I blog, I rant, I publish my posts, and I move on until the next office drama.

For a change, I’ll write about 2 positive things that my employer gave me...

Career Development. I already lead teams (locally and globally) that made positive changes in our business process and saved millions of capital based from our productivity projects. I learned how to adapt to different cultures. I learned that to be able to get what you want, you must communicate effectively. My career went through rough cycles but as I look at myself right now, I can proudly say that I’m successful with what I do.

Business Travels. Trip in Arizona last 2005 for a business meeting face-to-face and some benchmarking projects with the fabrication factory. After a year, I went back to the US, this time in San Diego for a business conference. Those trips were very memorable and helped me in my career. I know I earn those business travels. It’s how you can position yourself to get those business travels abroad.

I will be forever thankful for these things. This helped me boost my resume. Harhar! I still plan to move out but I’m not sure when to be exact. What will make me stay? If they move me to marketing.

Positive. Positive. Positive.

So while waiting for a new job to come, I think I need to make some positive changes as well. I’ll TRY to stop blogging about work and about my colleagues. I’ll let them rest in peace. I know that by now, all of them have been reading my blog. ALL OF THEM. That includes the managers. Am I worried? A little. But let’s go back to the concept of a blog. It’s an online journal, your personal online journal that you want to share to anyone out there. Looking for a feedback from an outsider. A blog can also be a group site, a download site, a pic blog. Type BLOG in Google and you’ll have a million hits. So, leave my blog alone if you’re not prepared to read my personal thoughts. I tell you, they are harsh because it’s true and it’s real.

Positive. Positive. Positive.

I need to buy new sets of clothes. I know that the clothes doesn’t make a person but you know what, I feel really good and empowered when I wear long sleeved shirts, slacks (or khakis) and leather shoes (don’t wear brown leather with black/gray pants… please). I’ve been doing my “power dressing” every time I have to present my analysis. I guess I just need to suit up more often. So Van, you’ll see me combing my hair more often. Harhar!

Lastly, I’ll increase my professional maturity 2 notches up. Silent treatment for a couple of people. I am not obliged to befriend all of my officemates. I don’t even need to like them. I just need to work with them so as long as they can provide me with what I need (vice versa), we’re okay.

So less office drama in this blog. More personal stuff which I think is better than work related posts. More MP3s!!! Yay!

This is my blog. My free space. If you do not like reading my posts then click the button in the upper right side of the screen which says “NEXT BLOG” or you can just close your web browser. Or better yet, get yourself your own blog and write about how you hate me. For all I care. Seriously.

Positive. Positive. Positive.

...maybe until next week...

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