Friday, October 13, 2006

Last Night... I Dyed

I dyed my hair back to black. The hair dye carton box said that it will make my hair look dark brown but my hair turned out black. BLACK!

I was unable to write anything yesterday. I was really busy (and bitchy) this week due to the pseudo merge of 2 factories in our company. My work will not change (I’ll give it 1 month, there might be another change). Actually, 2 weeks from now, I’ll have 1 additional role as the New Product IE for Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile (Extreme?). But I will still be handling this temp role as resource requirement planning IE analyst.

Speaking of temp and new roles, no updates yet from K and P. I already emailed P and asked for updates after I passed their exam a month ago. As for K, I called their HR and they told me that the shortlist will be released this week. Note to self: Call K and P by Friday or Monday. Now… temp jobs? I was also looking for temp jobs just in case I fuck my brains out here at work. I asked my uncle if they have job openings at D and he told me to visit their website. So much for networking. He also mentioned that by January, M will have an office in Makati. Maybe I’ll apply there as well.

It’s been a year since we were looking for new jobs. I told T yesterday that she should consider the following:

(1) Get paid by being a surrogate.
(2) Apply for a maternity leave. While on leave, look for a new job.
(3) After the leave expires, apply for a terminal leave.
(4) During terminal leave, look for a job.
(5) If job search fails, go back to step 1.

T, you should consider this.

I’m looking forward on Saturday. I’ll be half-finishing my room design in the morning, house warming lunch party at noon, possible date in the evening (date or group hang or whatever).

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Anonymous said...

Uuuuyyyy. ;-) Good luck on the date or group hang or whatever thing.

And what look are you trying to achieve?