Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Pill

[SMS Exchanges, not exactly what was written.]

D: Hey! What are you doing tonight?
B: Doing the AVP. Won’t go to Cavite tomorrow. I might watch this indie movie tonight

D: I love indie films. Do you have extra tickets?
B: My friend said that I can bring my friends.

D: I’ll text you later if I can go. What time does the movie start?
B: Starts at 8pm. I’ll get the tickets by 730.
After 2 hours

D: Hey. I decided to go. I mean, is it okay? I think I’m inviting myself in this movie gimmick.
B: No it’s okay. See you around 730

Okay. So I decided to meet B. Unplanned. Main objective is just to watch that indie film. Group hang. Gimmick with friends. Not a date. Just movie and late night coffee.

I met B at the mall at 8pm. People are lining up already. B asked me if I still want to watch the indie film. I said we should just watch another film. Departed will start at 930pm. So that’s 1.5 hrs before the movie starts. I asked if we can have dinner. Well, B already had dinner. Anyway, we decided to go to Teriyaki Boy. I ordered tofu and bacon-wrapped asparugus while B ordered some Maki. Both of us were quiet. Really freakishly quiet. After a while, we begun talking, and talking. We left Teriyaki Boy around 930pm, decided to skip the movie and just get some coffee at SBC.

B bought us frappe (double choco mint!!!!). I asked if we can hang-out outside because I have to smoke (B does not smoke so I was a bit shy when I asked if we can just sit outside). We began talking, staring at each other, having a very nice time. At one point, B discovered my imperfections that no one ever noticed. My bowling-pins-like fingers and my lisp abnormality. The whole time, B kept on impersonating my lisp. I was not offended at all, it was actually funny. We talked about work, about college, about my fingers, etc.

B started to massage my hands. I was a bit hesitant because my hands were getting sweaty (sorry, pasmado… or was it tensyonado?). We talked some more. I was puffing smoke, B was burning the plant leaves. Talk. Stare. Talk. Stare. I was staring at B's eyes, B was staring.... at my neck. Hahaha... "Nice neck," said B. Then B pulled my dog tag. I thought... thought that B will pull me really close to kiss me. No... B was just playing with my dog tag, like it was a dog leash.

After a while, I took B’s hand and played thumb-wrestling. I lost! Darn it! My hands were too relaxed after the hand massage. Cheat! I demand for a rematch!

I never let go of B’s hand, massaged it, held it, took it and rested on it. Then, I dunno what came to me, I kissed B’s hand. It was an MTV-like moment (or a Videoke background movie skit).

It was almost 1am when we decided to head home. B lives in Mandaluyong, I live in Cavite. I got home around 2am. B was still awake when i sent an SMS.

D: Thank you B. I dunno what I felt. It was nice. Really nice.
B: Thank you D. Yeah, I dunno what we have back there. It felt good. It felt right.

B, you’re my happy pill! Thank you!

Let down your guard just a little
I keep you safe in these arms of mine
Hold on to me - pretty baby
You will see I can be all you need

John Legend – Save Room MP3
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R*Y A N said...

awww, ang sweet naman. nakaka-ingit... oh wait! LOL. ;)

glad to hear you've found your own bit of happiness.

and john legend's save room - awesome! shouldn't have been surprised that it's your fave, too.