Monday, October 02, 2006

3 days with no posts

Yeah, 3 days. Let me tell you why…

Thursday. Actually, I posted an entry in my blog last Thursday. Around noon, the electricity went out. The Luzon area of the Philippines was under the typhoon named “Milenyo.” Around 4pm, water started rising. Around 430pm, my room was flooded with dark (and twisty) murky waters. Around 5pm, it was already waste deep. See pic below. Sad really, that was my room for the last 24 years.

Friday. We stayed at my lola’s place. Still, no electricity. Damn it! Thank God my laptop was fully charged. But my celfone’s dead. No phone lines. Disaster really.

Saturday. Electricity went back around 6pm. Phone was back as well! YAY! Anyway, in the morning, we were cleaning up our new place. (Blogger’s personal note: Need to change my home address). My room was smaller though. I’ve been sketching about my room’s internal design. Minimalist metrosexual look. No leather though.

Sunday. Still cleaning up “Milenyo’s mess.”

Monday. Back to work. Checked my 150++ emails (since Thursday). But there’s this one email, sent around 9:20am, in which he needs a response by 12noon. Errrr….


Anonymous said...

Man what's the pool doing inside your living room? :-)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

swimming tayo