Sunday, September 10, 2006

These Are Our Obsessions

We're obsessed with beauty and how to look good.

I'm not saying we shouldn't aim high.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't all get ourselves healthy (washboard abs included).

I'm not saying we shouldn't dress well and eat well and moisturise regularly and and have a haircut twice a month and do all of that other stuff we are meant to be good at.

But i guess we should tone it down a bit.

As for me... yeah, i'm still trying to lose a couple of inches off my waist and try rebuilding my biceps/triceps. I lost a couple of pounds last month but I'm not gaining any muscle. Need to do my push-ups and bicep curls and abs exercises again.

But you won't see me working out in the gym 7-days a week.

I have more unimportant things to do...

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