Thursday, September 07, 2006

Storm is Ladylike

Oh my... I was really hoping that Storm stays for another week before she gets eliminated. She really rocked it out doing David Bowie's song and her original, Ladylike. Storm, you will definitely be missed. But hey, reality show losers have bigger careers than the winners. And Storm really does not fit the Supernova group (washed-up gang bangers... LOL). I think next week, Dilana might get the boot. Either Toby or Dilana. I hope Toby wins... Go mate! Go team EVS!

Now, as a tribute to Storm, here are her past mp3s throughout the show.

Week 01: Storm Large - Pinball Wizard
Week 02: Storm Large - Surrender
Week 03: Storm Large - Just What I Needed
Week 04: StormLarge - Anything Anything
Week 05: Storm Large - Changes HOT
Week 06: Storm Large - We Are The Champions HOT
Week 07: Storm Large - I Will Survive
Week 08: Storm Large - Cryin' HOT
Week 09: Storm Large - Bring Me To Life
Week 09: Storm Large - Helter Skelter HOT
Week 10: Storm Large - Suffragette City HOT
Week 10: Storm Large - Ladylike HOT
Bonus: Storm Large - Rockstar Clinic Performance HOT

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RĂ³sa said...

Thanks so much for all these mp3's of the Rockstar contestants :-D Awesome to find them all here :-)

Christiano from Brazil said...

Hey, Where is the music from 10th week, results show.... Storm (Pink Floyd), Dilana (Cheap Trick)and Lukas (original song).
Expecting the post
Your Blog is perfect...

MrDJ said...

hey Christiano, i posted the mp3s in the top of of this post... :)

Christiano from Brazil said...

But do not have the elimination from 10th week. no got it. orders link to me. about to go down... Storm (pink Floyd), Dilana (Cheap Trick) and Lukas (original Song).

Chriistiano from Brazil said...

And... Toby Rand (Encore) and Supernova Song with Magni