Sunday, September 03, 2006

Shaving 101

Got this from Carlo's blog. Edited Version. :)

Anyway, before you let the blade touch your skin, there are things I want you to consider.

1 Shave sober. Never touch the blade when you’re intoxicated—it’s a terrible idea. I’m talking from experience and I don’t want you to commit the same mistake as I did.

2 Keep it sharp. Have you ever heard of tetanus?

3 Tools up. Get your paraphernalia ready: the shaving cream, soap, towel, powder, moisturizer, scissors, and razor.

4 Assume your position.

5 Like the barber does it. Use the scissors to trim before using the razor for a close shave.

6 Heat up Take a hot bath. This opens your pores and allows for a close and smooth shave. Otherwise you’ll be crying in pain.

7 Skin test. I asked you to prepare your shaving cream (with aloe) or soap because some people are allergic to shaving cream.

8 Once, twice. Shave the area twice on the first go with the grain and on the second go against the grain. If you shave more than twice it could irritate you or you might shave too close. (According to my friend Jojo, shaving against the grain might promote pimple growth, just a word of caution)

9 Wash up. Use soap and water afterward to avoid infection and irritation. Then some after shave. But i prefer moisturizers.

10 High and dry. Some people put baby powder to have that “ang bango bango” feeling and keep it dry and free of irritation.

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