Monday, September 18, 2006

Self Induced Insomnia

now.... now i can't sleep. again.

Periodically, I have a sleepless or "sleep-minimized" night. Lately, it's been about twice or thrice a week. This past Monday night was brutal. So much that it wiped me out for the next two days with a cold. But i still need to go to work.

Now I'm having trouble sleeping again and I don't want to wipe myself out into a cold relapse tomorrow morning . . . . i have an interview and i need to look at my very best.

Sometimes it feels like my insomnia is self-induced. Late evening dvd watching turns into a "late evening to early morning" disaster. Usually when I'm stressed (which seems to be every workday). Other times, it's like tonight -- I'm asleep, but then I wake up randomly (either I'm too hot or uncomfortable) and it seems like I've innoculated myself with just enough initial sleep that I'm doomed for the rest of the night.


Grogglily longing for the blessing of sleep, DEEJ

1 comment:

Vince said...

ei, just smiling with this. it's good youre still awake actually :D, many sleep a lot and some never woke up....wala lang , napadaan and fascinated...