Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Reunion 2

It was a big success. I survived all small talks that came up during my grandma's 70th birthday party. I have the perfect prop during these small talks: my baby cousin marcus.

Guest: hey you look great. Are you working right now?
MrDJ: Yup, been working for more than two years already. By the way, this is Bam-bam
Guest: Hi Bam-bam
(the attention goes to Bam-bam).


The party was grandma-like. The party started at 530pm, a lot of them left before 8pm (sleeping time for nana). Typical "eat-and-run" birthday dinner. Around 830pm, we started singing in front of the karaoke. We went home around 930pm.

2 of my cousins... i mean cousins who are of the same age as I am, were there. D was with her husband and baby. C was with his girlfriend. I talked to D for a while but her baby kept on crying. Never talked to C. That's good. C is full of shit anyway.

Oh my, i'll be 24 tomorrow. I'll be 24 on the 24th of September around 11:24pm. 24-24-24. Divided by 4. 6-6-6. hahaha. Yup, I am the Devil. But I prefer the Ruler of Darkness. No big deal about this 24/24 thing. I'm getting older but I'm still young. My grand Aunts/Uncles asked me if I have a girlfriend or already married. I guess they expect people to get married at the age of 21. I really don't see myself getting married. This singlehood works for me. Maybe i'll just freeze some sperms and in the future, find a surrogate to bear my kid. Everyone's doing it.

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