Friday, September 08, 2006

Pre Birthday Plans

2 more weeks and i'll be 24... yikes.

chat with jay this morning. telling me to celebrate my birthday. dunno. maybe if someone threw a party for me (hint hint)... harhar!

2 weeks... got to...

1 Lose a couple wounds and inches in my waist/hips. need to go back to the gym. the dumbells that i bought looks like dumb paperweights. 15lbs dumb paper weights

2 Do 1 crazy stuff in my unpublished 50 crazy things to do before i reach 30.

3 Get a new job... in 2 weeks? That's a long shot. hahaha

4 Shop. Hahaha...

I believe... wait... I know that when i turn 24, i'll be able to do whatever i want (or at least do more things). Been chained in the past 23 years. Harhar. No kidding. Wait for the new DJ.

By the way, happy birthday to Pol, Yug and Bryan!

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