Sunday, September 03, 2006

Philippine Idol – Top 12 Male

MrDJ’s note: I’m so tired, need to sleep. I'll post the mp3s on Monday (i'm just posting Drae's mp3, the best performance tonight). I have this family thing tomorrow as well. So there... Check MrDJ's Multiply Account (Music Section), I might post it there (again, on Monday). I'm having problems re-linking the MP3 DL link so just go there if you experience broken links.

Top 12 male semi-finalists sang their heart out on stage in tonight’s show.

Ryan Agoncillo, who looks nice in pink, is Philippine Idol’s host. MrC (Ryan Cayabyab), Mamita (Pilita Corales) and FM (Francis Magallona) are the judges who will be booed every now and then. Philippine Idol, here we go!

Freddie Cabael - Macho Guapito (FREDDIE 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 01). Nah. I heard this song performed better in a karaoke bar. Sorry. I really don’t like it. During his auditions, he sang Gary Valenciano songs. Maybe he wants to show some flexibility with his song choices but hey, stick with your own genre. Don’t risk it dude. Not during the semi’s.

Robert Bernadas - Take A Look Inside Your Heart (ROBERT 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 02). Wow! I really love his song for tonight. But what’s with FM’s comment about his dimples? Hahaha. Cebuano’s will definitely vote for him.

Ken Dingle - More Today Than Yesterday (KEN 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 03). Errr… Will he record this song for Ayala Mall’s latest commercial?

Drae Ibanez - What You Won’t Do For Love (DRAE 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 04). Love it. I just love it. He’ll definitely make it to top 12. Top 11. Top 10. Top 4. Top 2? VOTE FOR DRAE!

Onyx Culala - Windmills of Your Mind (ONYX 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 05). Maybe he needs to go back to law school. Or poetry reading. “As a philosophy major, I like to think.” Huh? This ain’t philiosophy class. This is a singing competition.

Gian Magdangal - Footloose (GIAN 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 06). 17:28’s former member. A theater actor. No doubt that he can perform on stage. Footloose, footloose!

Ramirr Grepo - Bed of Roses (RAMIRR 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 07). The rocker idol. Well, yeah, of course Francis M likes him. He’s not bad. I’ll give him 6 weeks in this competition.

Miguel Mendoza - Highways of My Life (MIGUEL 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 08). Falsetto gone wrong? He'll get to top 12 of course. He got the looks. And he's from DLSU. I just hope he'll do better next week.

Reymond Sojor - Tell Her About It (RAYMOND 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 09). What the eff happenned to his microphone? They gave him another mic, but it's not working. ABC5? What the eff happenned? But he's a good sport, he sang again... But i don't like it. LOL

Joseph Astor - Why Can’t It Be (JOSEPH 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 10). I lobe his song as well. Second to DRAE’s performance. Yeah, he kinda looks like Piolo Pascual. So he’ll definitely get the female votes.

Christian Masaga – Have I Told You Lately (CHRISTIAN 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 11). What’s with the intro… hahahaha. He changed the song to a Christian song. But he can definitely sing.

Jan Nieto - Bridge Over Troubled Water (JAN 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 12). Steph’s bet for Philippine Idol (he's from UNILEVER). Sorry. I don't like his song. This song is for granny's. And i don't see my lola voting for him. She's sleeping already. Harhar! Good voice, bad song choice.

The 3 judges love Ramirr's performance (huh?). Mr C also loves Gian's Footloose ala Broadway production. I wish Simon is here to whip the judges' asses. The 3 judges ain't doing anything but just to sugar coat each performance. I'm not that disappointed with Mr C, he gave some valid comments. As for Ryan's hosting job, he's really great! As for his co-host (why the eff does Philippine Idol need a co-host?), Heart Evangelista might be on air in the next couple of weeks. Argh!

Next week, I hope to get good recordings. Still fixing the audio set-up.

Spoiler: Top 12 Female Song List

Ina Pangan - Halik
Yasmin Medina - Rhythm of the Street
Erika Bautista - Paalam Na
Cherry Chiu - Almost Over You
Anmarie Cruz - Superwoman
Ira Marasigan - Mr. Melody
Abigail Blanco - What’s Love Got to Do With It
Christina Otero - Come in from the Rain
Jellica Mateo - Bridges
Paula Chavez - Ikaw Lamang
Stephanie Bainbridge - Home
Maureen Marcelo - Sweet Love

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allan said...

hey we have the same blog entry but you have spoilers and i don't. =(

however, i have some 'behind the scenes' comments. =)

berg said...

hi deejhay! wow first to comment uhm... i just found your blog a couple of weeks ago because of your posts on Rockstar Supernova. man you have good taste in music (i think) hehehe...

i liked the show tonight, technical difficulties aside, it had a lot of potential to be great! ang daming nga lang bloopers hehehe (2366? mic malfunction, audio editing glitches). ryan agoncillo turned out to be a great host though it was obvious na he was nervous at the beginning. Francis M seems to be useless hehe. Pilita is very entertaining! and Mr. C was serious but on point. the audio needs a lot of improvement, the lighting could be much flashier and could be a little brighter. the cameramen need practice. the performers were good but nobody stood out like a sore thumb... in a great or horrible way. next week hopefully mag-improve lahat.

thanks for putting up the mp3s MrDJ!

MrDJ said...

@ Berg. sorry won't be posting ALL the mp3s tonight... i'm kinda sleepy and tired.

@ Allan... wow... i'll read your behind the scenes. You work on ABC5?

MrDJ said...

@Allan (again). Just read your blog. Ahhh... your B works for ABC5. Nice blog! Yeah, I agree with your comment about Freddie. RED CARD!!!!! RED CARD!!!!

allan said...

nope. i do not work for abc5 (but for accenture). =)

my boyfriend is working for the station id and is part of philippine idol.

Drae Fan said...

I agree with most of your comments. I love Drae! Too good to be true. hahahaha...

I'll wait on monday for the MP3s. Sige, pahinga ka na muna. :)

Mateo said...

Vote for Jan! He's my office mate. Sinabihan na namin siya na ibahin yung song nya pero matigas ang ulo! Pero maganda naman boses niya diba!

Jamie said...

Bakit naman HALIK ang kakantahin ni Ina? Sa Top 12 Female, i'm rooting for Stephanie and Pow (yung lesbian). Pati nadin si Armarie.

Comment sa picture ni Ina... sana ayusin nya highlights niya. Wahahaha! Lousy hair color!

Oz Boi said...

I'm from Australia and been visiting your blog for the Rockstar MP3s. Wow, Philippine Idol. Australian Idol started a couple of weeks ago. I'll wait for the mp3s. I heard that there are 2 Filipinos who lived here in Australia who went home to the Philippines, auditioned, and made it to the top 24 picks.

momo said...

1. yep, there were a lot of glitches alright.
2. i sometimes hate the pick-your-own-song themes, sometimes it tends to be videoke-y with the song choices. in short... nakasasawa. might as well do it with a Magic Sing in hand.
3. never liked the guys' performances... sorry... a lot of people liked gian's and ramirr's performances, but being pros, i expected more from 'em, not to mention the everyday stage motions that are again... boring... sorry ulit. a C for effort to Reymond for getting the unexpected 'encore' performance
4. and i'm still figuring out why heart is in P.I.
5. I think I like the girls better.. 'cos their voices sound more 'different' and vast compared to the guy's either RnB-ish or full tenor/baritone voices. Variety...

I apologize for the 5 nasty comments... but hey, they're 'just' comments. And... thanks for the mp3's hehehehe. :)

Anonymous said...

You're funny. I like you kiddo!

MrDJ said...

the nastier comments, the better! i respect your comments. :)

i hate the Pinoy Idol schedule. Why do we need to wait for a week for the Female performances. Sa US, within a week yung top12 male and female.

Can we vote off the Judges? Especially Francis M. Puro sugar coating.

AGAIN... MP3s ON MONDAY! Baka magpost din ako ng konti mamayang umaga. Pero by Monday, PROMISE, i-post ko lahat. Sorry nga lang kasi di pa maganda yung quality. I'll fix my audio set-up next week.

emmerdale said...

hey dj! i caught the middle of the eppy and when i heard ramirr say bed of roses i was like... omg omg omg omg omg cheesefest! why why why why why? this has got to be up there with my way as one of the most notorious karaoke songs ever! but if that's where he's comfortable, i respect that. i am just not voting for him. call me a music snob, but this is why i like the rockstar format more than the idol format.

and the judges. i think i like them better during the casting call. and i though fm was supposed to be the bad cop, he mushed up! and did you notice how a lot of their comments are repetitive? tingin ko wala na silang masabi, speechless from horror. heheheh.

classic line from mamita: "i hope you get in tomorrow." huwaat? i don't think even paula said something like that!

let's just hope that as the show progresses, the judges will have more valuable and insightful comments as they get to know the contestants' styles. and the contestants in turn pick better songs. take a cue from marty casey and baby, one more time.

allan said...

spoiler alert in my blog... =)

momo said...

am i the only one that is not happy with the results...? no offense to the other 2 (and trust me it's bias free - 'cos i'm 'blue') but... i would've felt better if gian and ramirr got in instead... or ken... or freddie... or robert... argh i'm running out of better performers...

MrDJ said...

who got eliminated???? just got home from dinner at MOA.

Pammu said...

DUDE! Thanks for rooting for Drae. He's a dear friend from way back.

Corrections, though...Drae is from DLSU, and Miguel is from DLSZ (De La Salle Zobel).

Might I shamelessly add, though...Miguel's a close friend too.

I missed the performances and it warms my heart that they were both favorites. Go friends!!


MrDJ said...

Ahhh... DLSZ pala si Miguel.

Sige i'll post Miguel's performance tomorrow.... nasa house kasi ako.... sick... of working