Friday, September 01, 2006


Now, it's hard to vent into cyberspace and feel good about it when (in an excessively stupid and naïve moment), you know certain people reads your blog. People at the office.

People that know about my blog because I have told them:
Ali, Fernando, Nessa, Mickey, Joga Girl, Bora Boy

People that know about my blog because the people I have told have told them:
AS, GC, IA, JY, JA, TV, BM, EM, LD, and more...

People that know I have a blog but not the exact address because the people I have told have told them but not told them everything:
All of my officemates from our department, and maybe a couple of people from other departments. Oh, yeah, even my boss(es)! Nice huh?!

That is a lot of people not to offend.

Well, that's the main reason why I posted my pic in my blog. Okay, okay, go read my blog. Enjoy!

Right now, I formulated defenses for myself, should I ever be called by my boss(es) and asked about Jeepney Diaries.

01 It’s my friend’s blog
02 It’s fictional
03 What’s a blog?
04 I'm writing a blog memoir

Then, after a prolonged period of such low-grade paranoia, my perspective begins to get a bit warped. Soon enough I imagine that everyone is reading this blog. I'll become absolutely convinced that I'll be a lab rat in a Psychology 101 class.

Should I start taking down posts about my job?

All told, it is a lot of stress and worry for a hobby that started as a way to relieve stress and worry. It's therapy. I don’t even know what I’m more afraid of, alienating the friends and family that already know or having more friends and family find out. I feel like I should either get over it or just start a totally anonymous blog.

Or should i send an email blast to my officemates...

"Hey, visit my blog at Read my 500 posts while supplies last. Enjoy!"

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