Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Merge

Late this afternoon, we had a big meeting with all the employees in our factory. The MERGE will be discussed. The two factories in our company will be merged together. Our counterparts in the other factory will now be merged to ours. Most of us already knew that this merge will happen. Actually, the other factory made their announcement yesterday. We had our official communication today.

I wasn't sure if i wanted to attend. I thought that I'll just sit at my desk and browse through YouTube videos or watch the latest episode of Prisobreak in my laptop. But later on I decided to go to the meeting and check it out.

I was late, a lot of people were late. Checked my mobile, I'm just 2 minutes late. The people in front of me said that the meeting already started and they don't want to go inside. They were scared that our factory manager might call our attention for being late. I then recalled that this meeting was not in my calendar so sue me for being late. I entered the room, sat beside Miguel, and played with my mobile phone.

One slide after another, the changes were discussed. Restructured/merged departments, etc. Didn't care, really. I guess i was so fed up with monthly organizational changes. After the presentation came Q&As. There was a question about why having 2 managers in 1 department. The other one about next year's performance reviews. The other one about budget.

Then I raised my hand, took the microphone from our factory manager, and asked a question. I stood up and didn't bothered introducing myself to him. I doesn't matter anyway. What's more important is I have to ask my question.

"So... There were no headcount reductions during this merge. But as you said, as we move on, activities will be streamlined. Meetings will be merged as well. We'll continue working on efficiency. Later on, in the future, are we expecting headcount reductions. I am an RRP IE, the other factory has their own RRP IE. Sooner or later, we will only need 1. So again, in the future, are we expecting headcount reductions?"

In 3 words, aside from a very politician-like response as if he's pacifying everyone, I'll sum up his response - No Job Security.

I actually don't need my question to be answered. I just want some people to realize that this merge, in the future, MIGHT mean headcount reductions. Layoffs. The merging of 2 factories is great, no doubt. But this MIGHT also mean that some people will get kicked out.

I'm not scared nor shocked about this merge-announcement. I was disappointed with our managers for keeping these changes from us. Where's open communication? Where's transparency? I do understand that at a certain level, managers need to keep some stuff confidential. But since this merge has direct impact to their people, why not inform them before hand. Not do it from a Top-Down approach.

Maybe I still care about my job. Maybe because I don't have a new job yet. No job security.

**After the meeting, we went out for a smoke. We then saw Sharmy (the IE from the other factory). She said that I was somewhat a snob when I asked the question (not even introducing myself first). She then said that her co-IEs asked who I was. Hahaha... I guess, the good thing about this merge is that I'll have more characters in my blog.

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