Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Day High

So are you the jock (MVP High), the geek (Brainy High), the Misunderstood (Rebel High), the Popular kid (Sosy High) or the average joe (Nice Guy High).... "First Day High" will hit the theaters on September 27 starring (from L-R) Gerald and Kim (of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition), Geoff Eigenmann, Maja (Sukob) and Jayson. Star Cinema keeps on producing better Filipino movies. Just this year, Sukob, All About Love, and You Are The One were blockbuster hits (haven't watch any of them though).

First Day High... kinda funny, the movie was based from Rexona's commercial with Kamikazee singing the commercial jingle, which became an instant hit. Hahahaha. Now about Kamikazee's hit song by Kamikazee First Day High. From a TV Commerical and now, a movie. Nice huh... And by the way, the movie was sponsored by Unilever... Steph, Djo, Arlene... tickets please :)

More about the movie. Maja is Pre, the fun-loving girl in designer outfits of nice shades of purple. Kim is the whiz kid Indi, who believes love is the result of a chemical process. Gerald is MJ2, the school’s current MVP and star player. Jayson is nice guy Nathan, who puts his friends’ happiness first before his own (kinda like me... hahahaha). Geoff is the rebel Gael, who refuses to go home and rents an apartment he pays on his own (the future me).

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