Friday, September 15, 2006

Find Joaquin A Date

Should i set-up my own "Date DJ" blog? Hahahaha... But instead of finding a date before Christmas, I need to someone to take me (dinner, movie, the complete drill) on my birthday which is 9 days from now. Is it feasible? I guess... hehehe...

"So here’s the drill… I’m Joaquin Valdes, and I’ve just realized that 100 Days after September 17, 2006 is Christmas! You know what else I’ve realized? 100 days from September 17, I might be spending Christmas, single…available…romantically, ALONE! That’s why I’m here… to prove to everyone else that ONLY if you exert enough amount of effort, love will come its way. I’m here to prove that only someone who takes an active participation in his/her love life will get that special gift this Christmas. Would you be my date? Or would you help me out? Set me up! Refer a Date! We’ll never know.. you might just be our lovely Cupid." -

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