Saturday, September 09, 2006


Usually, every weekend, i wake up at around noon for lunch and watch a movie, or read a book, etc. But today, i have to wake up at 630am. I have to go to Makati for my P&G exam at 930am at 6750. An exam that i already took (and passed) 3 years ago. Jay said that maybe they'll check if na-bobo ako after 3 years. Harhar.

I arrived around 8am and decided to get breakfast at Starbucks. Java frappe and Bagel with Cream Cheese... Wait, is the barrista flirting with me or baka naman trabaho lang. Wahahaha... Weird. A good sign :)

Around 9am, i went to 6750. While I was getting an ID, i checked the visitor's logsheet and saw that around 30 people will be taking the exam as well. What shocked me the most was that around 20 of them were already there around 8am. Yung iba 7am pa lang. Excited? Hahaha. My rule is that an applicant should be at his scheduled exam or interview 30-45 minutes earlier. Not 2.5 hours kasi masyadong maaga. Hahaha.

I went to the 20th floor and took an answer sheet, a pencil and 1 sheet of paper. I stepped in the room and saw my "competitors." Most of them were wearing slacks, ties, blazers, etc. I was wearing my black long sleeved shirt, hipster/boot legged pants, and leather shoes. This was just an exam, i thought. I don't need to dress to impress. I'm keeping it casual.

While waiting for our exam, a checked out the people around me. I guess most of them were recent college graduates. My seatmates were from DLSU... MEM folks. Then I saw my eye candy for the day :) Lalalalala.

We started the exam, we were given 65 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. I started with the math questions (nerd alert) which was really easy. Hahaha. Yabang.

After the exam, we were told to stay for 30 minutes. They'll be checking the exam and we will be told if we passed. Harsh. While waiting, I was pretending to read my book. I was actually staring at my eye candy. One by one, we were given a sheet of paper. Oh my.... Hahaha... One of my seatmates failed the exam. Too bad. Eye candy passed! I passed. Again. LOL. Then we were given another sheet of paper with 9 essay questions. I answered it and went home.

Now, the waiting game begins.

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