Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Evs - Aussie catch phrase which means whatever popularized by Toby Rand during his performance a couple of weeks ago in Rockstar Supernova. Evs....

Little Miss Hobbit... EVS!

'Nuff said. You don't want me to shit on you. Unless you want me to. Harhar!

Busy busy busy weeks. And it ain't getting better. Still trying to figure out a couple of stuff with my new job. Thank god the analysis this week was pushed out next week. Now, now... Some updates about my new job search.

(1) I received a mail from Pet and they said that I'm not qualified. Oh well... (2) Received another email from Pro for an exam. I'll be taking the same exam i took 3 years ago. The exam will be on Saturday. Wish me luck. (3) Asked Red Velvet if there's any opening in Uni and she said that they have a couple of job openings. I emailed my resume to her just a couple of minutes ago. (4) Applied online to Hew in Sing. Longshot application.

So there... i'm still keeping my current job until i get a new one. Getting a new job is hard, but getting a better job is harder.

Lesson learned from Steve Irwin (may he hunt all crocs in heaven). He died doing what he love to do. I don't want to die now. No effing way.

18 days and it's my birthday. Still dunno what to do. Maybe i'll just sleep all day. That's how boring my social life is right now.

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