Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the drama

i am not in any way happy nor contented for the past few months........

i dont know. im always attracting drama. drama magnet. like nothing is gonna go right with the things i do. and the weird thing there is, i like it. i like it when im sad. i like it when im hurt, and then i rant and rant like there's no tomorrow. it seems like wallowing is something that will make me complete. honestly, im tired of it. and im trying to get some things in order, and organize a lot of stuff in my life.

it's sad. but i cant complain.

anyway, life does go on. and i shouldnt let myself be just another pebble stone being washed away into nothingness. aaahh!!! melancholy!!!!!


Bim said...

well, at least i've made you laugh today! :P

awimawek said...

baka naman kasi...MATURED ka na?!?!?..HAHAHAHAHA!!!

babagoo said...

No wonder you like Lukas Rossi. The two of you should have a god cry together. Ugh!