Thursday, September 21, 2006


In the next couple of days, I might not post anything in this blog. I'm on vacation leave on Friday, my grandma's birthday will be on saturday and I'll be sleeping all day on Sunday. Busy busy busy. Anyway, by Monday or late Sunday, do wait for the new and improved Jeepney Diaries blog. I'll be changing things starting with the blog design. Expect more sarcastic posts, hate posts, mp3s, and more. More drama. More action. More In-Your-Face posts. I'm starting to let go of my true feelings (awwwwww) and true self. Who is DJ anyway? You'll soon find out. Hahaha!

As for your BDAY gifts, just email me so I can give you my address. Any gift will do. You can even wrap yourself up but don't forget to put a red bow because i like things with red bows.

So there, see you on late Sunday or early Monday. Do leave your BDAY messages in this post. Even indescent proposals. Hahaha.


R*Y A N said...

have a good weekend, dj!

and have a fantastic birthday.

my present's on it's way... just have to find a box big enough for me to fit in. LOL ;)

Vince said...

wow...hahah! happy birhtday to you again... and gift...? U myt not like my gift but let's see :D

God bless, DJ. Will just reading your posts... may natututunan din kasi ako.

mateo said...

happy birthday little bro. i know you hate it when i call you little bro. i guess when you turn 24 i'll stop calling you little bro. but since you're still 23...


God bless you. Miss you kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Birthday boy! What they say about wine getting better as it ages, I bet it's so true with you. So DJ, if you're like wine, what do you say I drink you? hahahahahaha. Happy birhday!

Lericka said...

ei classmate. happy birthday!

gari said...


happy birthday.
hmmm...a red bow tie
on a birthday package
is a good idea...hehehe.

enjoy life, more or less
it's up to you!