Friday, September 15, 2006


It's incredibly amazing to me that there's an entire industry based on people's loneliness. As if loneliness is a disease and these internet companies are out there selling a cure -, JDate, eHarmnoy, 8 Minute dating. Oh, and there's an indirect marketing strategy provided by Friendster, Multiply, even through blogs. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure these are great outlets for some people and in fact, I've knew people hooking up through the internet.

Call me immature or closed minded, but right now, until I'm comfortable saying "we met on" it looks like I'm doing this dating thing the old fashioned way. Again, I can change my mind in a minute (like always). What's wrong with the "old-fashioned way." Hmm.... but actually, the "old-fashioned way" was through a matchmaker. Perhaps I'll have to reconsider my approach.

But speaking of approaches, how do I meet "My One And Only?" Or just a date or something. It seems like with everything else in my life, I have a game plan. Picking a career. Running a marathon (LOL). So why do we not have a game plan for finding "Our One and Only?"

Should we spare ourselves with destiny and faith. Oh my. That'll be scary.

Still Single... DJ


Rob said...

awww. goodluck dude!

sleepwalker said...

i still believe the true manner one can discover his "true partner" is by establishing a strong foundation of friendship where both learn how to appreciate the other for his/her faults and strengths without the expectation of being with "the best". we're so hooked up with the thrill of romance and the excitement of a fireworks display when we date "strangers" and acquaintances that we forget that beneath the superficial exchange of matching interests and dislikes lies a whole gulf of diversity and difference.

relationships thrive on both similitude and dissimilarity. and im afraid hollywood has made it too easy for us to believe that love simply waits in the next candle-lit dinner, movie theater or coffee shop (or in today's case, the next web site).