Friday, September 08, 2006

Christmas 2005

Last year, we had our Christmas party at Ali's place. The theme was Reggae Christmas party which was better than the White Party that we had in 2004. Dunno what will be this year's theme.

1 Hollywood - Dress up as your favorite TV/Movie character. I'll be Jack Sparrow.
2 The Grind - Hip Hop theme
3 Vegas Night - Poker anyone?
4 Rockstar - Punk, Acid, Grudge...
5 Summer In December
6 Pyjamma Party
7 Grey's Anatomy - Wahahahaha
8 Prom Night
9 Superheroes - Briefs Over Tights
10 Brokeback Christmas - Where can we rent a mechanical bull?


Themes that people will disagree (because they'll win best in natural costume)

1 Fruit Salad - Best In Costume will be Mangga
2 Lord of the Rings - Best in Costume will be Frida (female version of Frodo)
3 Harry Potter - I'll win as Best Harry Potter make-up with my scar
4 Disney Animation - Quasimodo, where are you?!


Will I still be at Intel in December... Too early to tell. Hahahaha!

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