Monday, September 18, 2006

Brief Encounters

Last Friday, after-lunch discussion was about men’s underwear. Hahahaha. Here are my brief encounters.

I don’t usually wear boxer shorts. I wear it when I sleep though. DON’T wear boxer shorts when you wear slacks or cotton pants. You don’t want junior saying hi to the crowd during your presentation. I own 4 boxers. I love this one, my red-checkered boxer shorts. Exhibit A.

Right now, I own a lot of hipster/lowrise undies. Better than classic briefs. I mean, I don’t wear jeans above my hips. I usually wear it within my hips. See Exhibit B.

Now, I’m loving Bench’s seamless undies. It doesn’t leave any garter marks on your hips. The fabric is really great. SEAMLESS. Exhibit C, my green seamless undies. Hahaha!

Now now, I also wear boxer briefs. I have 4 boxer briefs. This afternoon, I bought another one. Exhibit D… white boxer briefs… with a chain… LOL

Really… why with a chain? Hahahaha… You won’t see me wearing this boxer briefs with the chain on it. I mean… how could I explain it to the security guards when I pass by metal detectors? “Uhmmm… I have a chain in my undies, wanna check it out?” It’s like asking women why they have wires on their bra. Hahaha….

I’ll be using the chains for my money clip OR my celfone case. Or maybe to tie-up someone. Hahahaha!

Okay... now that i've shown you my undies... care to let me see yours? Hahahaha.... LOL.


vince said...

ah, brief encounter, ito pala yung sinasabi mo kagabi...? hahah! ok ah! sensya na , wala akong maipapakitang undies sa'yo since I seldom use them, true. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Anga laswa! este Ang ganda ng briefs mo. But it would've been a greater joy if you post pics of the undies while you're wearing them. Dare? :-)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

love the one with zipper...

reminds me of...uh...leathers and chains?