Monday, September 04, 2006


I’ll turn 24 on September 24. I really don’t celebrate my birthday. Last birthday cake that I had was when I was 7 years old. There were only 2 memorable Bday “celebrations” that I had, which was done as “sige na nga celebrate tayo.”

1st during 3rd year college at Taty’s place. We were there to finish our thesis/project but then decided to call Ius, Yug and Giselle to have a couple of drinks, kanto style. That was it. But it was memorable for me, spending my bday with college buds. 2nd in 2004 with my officemates. We had our tagaytay roadtrip and ended in Con’s place. Again, another kanto style bday with Con’s white pasta, barbeque, alcohol, and Raf’s fog machine called XBOX.

Some friends told me to celebrate my 24th bday with a bang. Kasi, 24 daw ako sa 24. Huh?! Hehehehe. Well, I’m skipping bday cakes and candles again. I’m helping my tita organize my grandma’s 70th bday. She’ll turn 70 on September 25 but we decided to have it on September 23. So there, no big celebration. I’ll just sleep it off and wait for another year for that birthday cake.

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