Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bam Bam

I was out the whole day with my baby bam bam. I was so exhausted running around Market Market and MOA. But it was worth every single sweat... spending time with bam bam...

As for the Top 12 Idols elimination... i read the recap from Phil Idol Blog. Thank god that I was at the mall rather than watching the show. Ramirr ang Gian got eliminated. What the eff? Then the Idol format changed. The top 4 (from this week) will automatically go to the top 12 finals. I was so happy that Drae got in... But Miguel and Jan? No no no no. Did Simon Fuller agreed with the new format of the show?

Miguel (DLSU) and Jan (ADMU) made it to the top 4. Is this the new basketball UAAP game where we see DLSU vs ADMU. Honestly, both of them should go home.

For more recaps, head to the Philippine Idol Blog. For backstage spoilers, go to Allan's Blog (his B works for ABC 5). Note to Allan (newly found blog friend), can I get free tickets??? Top 12 finals please :)

Next week, we'll hear the ladies battle it out.

MrDJ's note: I'll upload the top 12 male MP3s TOMORROW! Need to get some rest.


momo said...

no f*ckin' sh**! jan is an atenean... argh... ayoko na dun... let me graduate!!!

MrDJ said...

hahaha... yeah, he's from Ateneo... wait. let me change that. He's from THE ateneo.

Panget ang format. He will now be in the Finals because of his text votes this week. Unfair di ba. UNFAIR sa lahat.

a big BOOOOO to ABC 5.

allan said...

thanks for the special mention. i'll try to get an extra ticket for you. =)

the dlsu community must be proud to have miguel in the final 12 list but i really do not like his live performance. it's the PACKAGE (voice/appeal/performance) that counts here and not the school.

momo said...

argh.. nakakainis na talaga!!! i wish those two got in because of their talent... yung connections kasi... it's not like the schools will put up a banner for them or sumthin'

MrDJ said...

the PACKAGE? hahaha...
Nga pala.. your from DLSU.

tickets ha.... o sige na nga.. TICKET lang.

Can't wait until next week. I bet the ladies will do better than the guys