Monday, September 11, 2006

Bad Day Monday

I felt so grouchy this Monday. Fucked-up Monday. Dunno what's been happening with me lately... I have to revised an excel file 4 times (i blame it to poor training and transition), i was unable to do what I was supposed to accomplish today (everything seems to be urgent, important, critical and soooo time consuming).

I have to force myself to sleep early. I have to force myself to wake-up and go to work. Bad sign...

I don't do projects anymore... Well, I do not look for projects. I'll just do whatever was asked for me to do.

The drive of working hard to make a good career at Intel died a couple of months back.

No... it's not because the top execs screwed up with their over-staffing and sudden lay-offs.
No... it's not about the down to the minute changes in the org structures.
No... it's not about the stocks.

It's about something else. Something that Intel cannot offer.

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