Monday, September 25, 2006

7 to 4

645am - Docked my computer. Synchronized my emails. 100+ unread messages since Friday. Deleted more than 50 of them.

7am - Went out for coffee and a smoke.

715am - Took another stick of cigarettes. I need to kill time.

730am - Went back to my cube. Read a couple of emails, deleted emails, replied.

8am - Meeting.

9am - Stalled. Went outside to smoke, again.

945am - Went outside to buy a pack of cigarettes.

11am - Browsed the internet.

1145am - Made a quick analysis.

12noon - Lunch

1pm - Continued my analysis

2pm - Smoke

3pm - Analysis continues

4pm - Done with analysis. Went home.

I'm bored. Within the week, I'll be expecting a call from another company about the results of my job interview. If they don't call me by Friday, I'll call them up. I'm ready to go.

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