Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dark and Twisty

I decided not to work at the office today. I was stranded, thanks to the typhoon and oh-so gloomy weather. I love it. Working from home. I don't have to be logged in the office's network, no annoying phone calls, and I won't see the people that I really don't want to see. I just hope that I have a faster internet connection to watch YouTube videos, download MP3s and the occasional porn. Ha!

Right now, I'm actually on a "retreat." Not spiritual type of retreat where all you do is pray. I'm actually trying to understand where my life is right now. Family, Friends, Career and What-ifs. At one point, I realize that I try to please everyone first before I please myself. I'm arrogant, I'm an a-hole, I'm sarcastic. But at the end of the day, I have to please the people around me. I just want to give them what they want.

I need to change my life's philosophy. Need to work on my own happiness first. I asked some advice from R* a couple of weeks ago, also emailed XO, and had a quick chat with RC. This time, I was seeking advice. In the next couple of months, things will change. You may not like it, but I do. I hope I do.

Live life like there's no tomorrow. Carpe Diem. But of course, this should be done with some caution. I need to stop overanalyzing things in my head. I need to be ME. The guy who loves to have fun, who doesn't drink beer but can drink 8 glasses of margarita (with 2 limes please), the guy who loves to dance, the person who thinks that a little bit of silence is good, the employee who knows when to have a good sense of humor and when to draw the line of professionalism.

I am Dark and Twisty, I'm currently living my crappy life. I made my life crap and it's time to clean up my mess.

I'm ready to be me.

All I Need

Mat Kearney - All I Need MP3

Here it comes it’s all blowing in tonight
I woke up this morning to a blood red sky
They’re burning on the bridge turning off the lights
We’re on the run I can see it in your eyes

If nothing is safe then I don’t understand
You call me your boy but I’m trying to be the man
One more day and it’s all slipping with the sand
You touch my lips and grab the back of my hand
The back of my hand...

*This song was featured in Grey's Anatomy. I really love the lyrics of this song! Mat Kearney is awesome!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wait A Minute

The University of the Philippines is a BIG CAMPUS. There are diverse people at the academe. All the types. But we were tagged as the school that raises political activists.

All of us are political activist. Some people just want to keep their mouth shut I guess.

But what happened this morning was downright wrong. We have to respect people in order to be respected. Even if they are to corrupt to funcition, why resort to an egg throwing competition?

I was somehow affected by the news. Now, they were calling us "WALANG PINAG-ARALAN."

We're back from stereotyping colleges. UP as the school for activists? DLSU/AdMU as the schools for the rich dumb students? FEU aka Jolina Magdangal Univestiy?

Sad, really.

The Merge

Late this afternoon, we had a big meeting with all the employees in our factory. The MERGE will be discussed. The two factories in our company will be merged together. Our counterparts in the other factory will now be merged to ours. Most of us already knew that this merge will happen. Actually, the other factory made their announcement yesterday. We had our official communication today.

I wasn't sure if i wanted to attend. I thought that I'll just sit at my desk and browse through YouTube videos or watch the latest episode of Prisobreak in my laptop. But later on I decided to go to the meeting and check it out.

I was late, a lot of people were late. Checked my mobile, I'm just 2 minutes late. The people in front of me said that the meeting already started and they don't want to go inside. They were scared that our factory manager might call our attention for being late. I then recalled that this meeting was not in my calendar so sue me for being late. I entered the room, sat beside Miguel, and played with my mobile phone.

One slide after another, the changes were discussed. Restructured/merged departments, etc. Didn't care, really. I guess i was so fed up with monthly organizational changes. After the presentation came Q&As. There was a question about why having 2 managers in 1 department. The other one about next year's performance reviews. The other one about budget.

Then I raised my hand, took the microphone from our factory manager, and asked a question. I stood up and didn't bothered introducing myself to him. I doesn't matter anyway. What's more important is I have to ask my question.

"So... There were no headcount reductions during this merge. But as you said, as we move on, activities will be streamlined. Meetings will be merged as well. We'll continue working on efficiency. Later on, in the future, are we expecting headcount reductions. I am an RRP IE, the other factory has their own RRP IE. Sooner or later, we will only need 1. So again, in the future, are we expecting headcount reductions?"

In 3 words, aside from a very politician-like response as if he's pacifying everyone, I'll sum up his response - No Job Security.

I actually don't need my question to be answered. I just want some people to realize that this merge, in the future, MIGHT mean headcount reductions. Layoffs. The merging of 2 factories is great, no doubt. But this MIGHT also mean that some people will get kicked out.

I'm not scared nor shocked about this merge-announcement. I was disappointed with our managers for keeping these changes from us. Where's open communication? Where's transparency? I do understand that at a certain level, managers need to keep some stuff confidential. But since this merge has direct impact to their people, why not inform them before hand. Not do it from a Top-Down approach.

Maybe I still care about my job. Maybe because I don't have a new job yet. No job security.

**After the meeting, we went out for a smoke. We then saw Sharmy (the IE from the other factory). She said that I was somewhat a snob when I asked the question (not even introducing myself first). She then said that her co-IEs asked who I was. Hahaha... I guess, the good thing about this merge is that I'll have more characters in my blog.


I uploaded a new template and I screwed it up. It didn't worked. Eff! Hahaha! So for now, no tagboards, no links, nada. Zero. Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have a new blog design.

Multiply with Intel

Really hip ads from Intel.

Monday, September 25, 2006

7 to 4

645am - Docked my computer. Synchronized my emails. 100+ unread messages since Friday. Deleted more than 50 of them.

7am - Went out for coffee and a smoke.

715am - Took another stick of cigarettes. I need to kill time.

730am - Went back to my cube. Read a couple of emails, deleted emails, replied.

8am - Meeting.

9am - Stalled. Went outside to smoke, again.

945am - Went outside to buy a pack of cigarettes.

11am - Browsed the internet.

1145am - Made a quick analysis.

12noon - Lunch

1pm - Continued my analysis

2pm - Smoke

3pm - Analysis continues

4pm - Done with analysis. Went home.

I'm bored. Within the week, I'll be expecting a call from another company about the results of my job interview. If they don't call me by Friday, I'll call them up. I'm ready to go.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I got my smoking habits from her.


Believe me, this is my mom.

Don't try to mess with me or you'll mess with her.

She's into Powerlifting (not just bodybuilding) and just recently, women's wrestling.

Need a personal trainer, send me an email and i'll give you more info.

Belated Happy Birthday Supermom


"Who gets to determine when the old ends and the new begins? It’s not on the calendar, it’s not a birthday, it’s not a new year. It’s an event, big or small, something that changes us. Ideally, that gives us hope, a new way of living and looking at the world, a way of letting go of old habits, old memories. What's important is that we never stop believing we can have a new beginning, but it's also important to remember that, amid all the crap, there are a few things worth holding on to."

Thanks Meredith....

No Cry

I was listening to some music, at random, and suddenly, this music came-up. Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry." My old (literally old) college bud Kristofer (aka Kookie and his Kookie Car) introduced this song to me during his recent break-up with Mia years ago.

And so... here's Bob Marley's classic... Let's put some reggae music on shall we?

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry MP3

Everythings gonna be all right!
Everythings gonna be all right!
Everythings gonna be all right!
Everythings gonna be all right!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I want to stop wanting something better. I want to stop wanting things I can’t have. I want for it to be alright for me to be sad. I want to know how people really see me. And then I never want to care about it again.

I want to stop being afraid of people. Of myself. I want to feel better, not just wish that I could. I want people to understand me. I want for it to be alright for me to be me.

I want to know that I’m valued. I want to stop attracting my worst fears. I want to be brave. I want to stop being destructive. Self, or otherwise. I want to stop being hurt. I want to stop covering it up.

I want to stop looking at my life and seeing so much wrong with it. I want to only see the good, never the bad. I want to speak softer, be more kind. I want to handle difficult situations gracefully.

I want to be okay. I want to stop making the same mistakes. I want to be comfortable with a new path. I want to start my new path now. I want to know that what I see is indeed the truth. I want to just let go, fall, and know that I’ll be safe.

I want to go to bed every night satisfied. I want to be undeniably happy, and I want to shout it from the roof tops. I want someone to want. And have them want me right back. I want to know when I’ve got a good one, and stop fucking it up. I want to never want again.

Single Guy - Not For Sale

Singlehood. Why did I think it was a good idea to take this path? I’m doing something different. I was putting myself out there. Therefore, I can’t be blamed for being single. I took a chance, I ran at the risk and while it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, it made me realize: it just isn’t going to happen this way. I am not an easy way out kind of guy. I know now that things don’t come easily to me, and that this is just my fate. My cards have been dealt; it’s up to me to know when to fold them, know when to hold them, know when to walk away and know when to win.

This path is not falling in love. What a joke. It’s finding a good enough candidate and forcing it to happen. It’s having expectations – already planning out what you will and won’t tell the other person. There’s no other reason to be there, other than to hopefully cash out a winner.

I cannot take this path because it goes against everything I am. Jumping into a frigid body of water, and flailing around is not my style. Beyond taking risks, I never show my true colors until I know the water is warm. I never jump in, and not for fear of drowning, but it takes time for me to be drawn out, or drawn in. One never knows my true colors upon initial meeting, not after a few drinks, not after warnings about wrong impressions. You absolutely cannot rush me; I take my time.

Putting a profile on a website declaring who I am and what I want is everything I am not. I might wear t-shirts that bark snarky comments, but despite you perhaps knowing my shoe size and my affinity for sarcasm, you really still know nothing about me. It takes time; months even, to see me. To know me. Who I really am as the wolf inside the sheep. No profile that only allows me only 2000 words is going to properly convey who I am. To anyone.

It’s not common knowledge that I like to smack people in the face when things get heated. But I dare not to do anything over things childish and full of shit. No one knows that a gnashing of teeth on my earlobe sends me into a tailspin or that I like it when it hurts. When people discover such things they often follow up with a shocked, “Why are you single?” Because I don’t advertise, or broadcast what turns me on. And when I display kindness, thoughtfulness, or love they wonder even further how I escaped being snapped up.

I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve or my story on my surface. I traveled the path of least resistance because I wanted to put an end to the endless barrage of questions. I wanted someone to love, without having to consider if my love was wanted or reciprocated. I don’t want to be standing alone in a sea of couples at Christmas, because then, then everything that is wrong with your life is glaring, too apparent, and hard to swallow. When all you see is the perfect in others, the flaw in you is too obvious. I don’t want to have to have someone to make somebody else comfortable. I don’t want to have to have someone to fit in.

It’s not a compliment when people ask why you’re single, and then list all the reasons you shouldn’t be. Being single when you don’t want to be is hard enough, but then to deal with sideways glances, build-ups that lead to let downs is too much to bear. Being made to feel inadequate because you need someone to be someone is fucked up. I am an entire person by myself.

Love is not going to come to me over a broadband connection. It’s almost as unlikely as being a Bachelor. I don’t know much about where my life is headed; I have ideas, dreams, and goals, but there is one thing I know is true. I’ll only find love when it is already a part of my life.

The Reunion 2

It was a big success. I survived all small talks that came up during my grandma's 70th birthday party. I have the perfect prop during these small talks: my baby cousin marcus.

Guest: hey you look great. Are you working right now?
MrDJ: Yup, been working for more than two years already. By the way, this is Bam-bam
Guest: Hi Bam-bam
(the attention goes to Bam-bam).


The party was grandma-like. The party started at 530pm, a lot of them left before 8pm (sleeping time for nana). Typical "eat-and-run" birthday dinner. Around 830pm, we started singing in front of the karaoke. We went home around 930pm.

2 of my cousins... i mean cousins who are of the same age as I am, were there. D was with her husband and baby. C was with his girlfriend. I talked to D for a while but her baby kept on crying. Never talked to C. That's good. C is full of shit anyway.

Oh my, i'll be 24 tomorrow. I'll be 24 on the 24th of September around 11:24pm. 24-24-24. Divided by 4. 6-6-6. hahaha. Yup, I am the Devil. But I prefer the Ruler of Darkness. No big deal about this 24/24 thing. I'm getting older but I'm still young. My grand Aunts/Uncles asked me if I have a girlfriend or already married. I guess they expect people to get married at the age of 21. I really don't see myself getting married. This singlehood works for me. Maybe i'll just freeze some sperms and in the future, find a surrogate to bear my kid. Everyone's doing it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


In the next couple of days, I might not post anything in this blog. I'm on vacation leave on Friday, my grandma's birthday will be on saturday and I'll be sleeping all day on Sunday. Busy busy busy. Anyway, by Monday or late Sunday, do wait for the new and improved Jeepney Diaries blog. I'll be changing things starting with the blog design. Expect more sarcastic posts, hate posts, mp3s, and more. More drama. More action. More In-Your-Face posts. I'm starting to let go of my true feelings (awwwwww) and true self. Who is DJ anyway? You'll soon find out. Hahaha!

As for your BDAY gifts, just email me so I can give you my address. Any gift will do. You can even wrap yourself up but don't forget to put a red bow because i like things with red bows.

So there, see you on late Sunday or early Monday. Do leave your BDAY messages in this post. Even indescent proposals. Hahaha.

2 Years and 3 Months

Today, Sepetember 21, 2006, is my 2nd Year, 3rd month working in the same company. I hope that I will not celebrate my 3rd year here. I just don’t know when will I resign from work (of course, I need to secure a new job somewhere else). At first I thought that I’ll last more than 10 years here but hell no. I'll be packing my shit before June 21, 2007.

Scissor Sisters - I Don’t Feel Like Dancing MP3

Wake up in the morning with a head like ‘what ya done?’
This used to be the life but I don’t need another one.
Good luck cuttin’ nothin’, carrying on, you wear them gowns.
So how come I feel so lonely when you’re up getting down?

So I play along when I hear that special song
I’m gonna be the one who gets it right.
You better know when you’re swingin’ round the room
Look’s like magic’s solely yours tonight

But I don’t feel like dancin’
When the old Joanna plays
My heart could take a chance
But my two feet can’t find a way
You think that I could muster up a little soft shoe, gently sway
But I don’t feel like dancin’
No sir, no dancin’ today.

Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’
Even if i find nothin' better to do
Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’
Why’d you break it down when I’m not in the mood?
Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’
Rather be home with the one in the bed 'til dawn with you.

Cities come and cities go just like the old empires
When all you do is change your clothes and call that versatile.
You got so many colours make a blind man so confused.
Then why can’t I keep up when you’re the only thing I lose?

So I’ll just pretend that I know which way to bend
And I’m gonna tell the whole world that you’re mine.
Just please understand, when I see you clap your hands
If you stick around I’m sure that I'll be fine.

[Repeat Chorus]

You can’t make me dance too well boy. your two-step makes my chest pound.
Just lay me down as you float away into the shimmer light.

[Repeat Chorus]

Hot New Show - HEROES

Meet The People In Your Neighborhood. [Source: NBC-Heroes]

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Reunion

Actually, it's my Grandmother's 70th birthday celebration, this coming Saturday. I love parties but I really don't like partying with my cousins and relatives. Too many questions being asked. Too much gossiping. A large amount of small talk will be involved. Need to prep my self up.

Not only do I dislike small talk, it actually makes me nervous. I am not the wallflower type but sober conversation for the sake of sober conversation, with people I would never encounter in day-to-day life, confuses me. And so, being somewhat neurotic, I began compiling a conversational cheat sheet of inoffensive topics/questions/stories.

1. Weather. Variations on the the it’s So Hard To Find Clothes to Wear For This Time Of Year. Segue into the inaccuracies of the weather channel.

2. Cooking. “Do you like to cook?” If yes, prod for recipes, if no, exchange cooking disaster stories. I have one. Again, small talk.

3. Commuting/Air travel. “Did you have trouble getting here?” “Air travel is very unreliable.” “Was your flight delayed? Cancelled?”

4. Movies. “You saw _______? I was thinking of seeing it. How was it?” Repeat as necessary.

5. Books. “I’m reading _______. It’s really interesting. It’s about ___________.” Repeat as necessary.

6. Babies. “Do you have pictures? I love babies. Ohhhhhh…he is adorable.” Maintain rapt attention while listening to the story of Baby’s First Poop and The Other Day Baby Said “Boohoo”.

7. Advice. “What do you know about _____?” Maintain wide-eyed expression while listening to long, garbling, most likely incorrect explanation of basic phenomenon.

Then when the uncomfortable silence comes, which it always does, I must remember to maintain a pleasant expression and, at the end of the night, express what a wonderful time I have had.

What is scary is that some people really do enjoy these types of things. I don't. I just want to dance and drink. But the party that we're throwing are for grannies. Ayayayay!

Aside from small talk, my cousins/relatives would be asking me these questions:

1. Do you have a girlfriend? <-- No. I plan to get rich and buy my own country first.

2. Are you hiring? <-- Do I look like I'm from HR?

3. Wow you're rich? <-- You won't see me in this country if I'm rich

4. Why are you wearing pink? <-- Actually, i decided to change my clothes from Pink to Green. Just to avoid this question.

5. When will you get married? <-- I've seen screwed up marriages so why bother

6. Don't you want kids? <-- There's a thing called adaption

7. Hey, can i borrow moner? <-- Hey, why don't you look for a job!

Oh my, i'm half-excited! I mean, bitching all night long with people... okay... relatives that you won't see til; next reunion or till the next big family related party.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bringing Senti Back

Running out of stuff to post... this song is for XO. Haaaaay.... Miss you. But i guess its best for us to part ways. We both have screwed up lives. We need to fix them first. Again, let's see in the next couple of months/years. We'll just have to wait and see if we're really meant to be. Okay. I'm just sorry that things have to end up this way. We're both young, and we have a lot of places to go to. People to meet. Bosses to kill. You have to run your business. Soon, i promise, we'll cross paths again. And by that time, it'll be more serious.

Reason Why
Rachael Yamagata

I think about how it might have been
We'd spend out days travelin'
It's not that I don't understand you
It's not that I don't want to be with you
But you only wanted me
The way you wanted me

So, I will head out alone, hope for the best
And we hang our heads down
As we skip the goodbyes
And you can tell the world what you want them to hear
I've got nothing left to lose, my dear
So, I'm up for the little white lies
But you and I know the reason why
I'm gone, and you're still there
I'm gone, and you're still there
I'm gone, and you're still there

I'll buy a magazine searching for your face
From coast to coast, or where ever I find my place
I'll track you on the radio, and
I'll find your list in a different name
But as close as I get to you
It's not the same

So, I will head out alone, hope for the best
We can pat ourselves on the back
As say that we tried
And if one of us makes it big
We can spill our regrets
And talk about how the love never dies
But you and I know the reason why
I'm gone, you're still there
I'm gone, you're still there
I'm gone, and you're still there

So, steal the show, and do your best
To cover the tracks that I have left
I wish you well and hope you find
Whatever you're looking for
The way I might've changed my mind,
But you only showed me the door

So, I will head out alone, hope for the best
We can pat ourselves on the back
And say that we tried
And if one of us makes it big
We can spill our regrets
And talk about how the love never dies
But you and I, you and I, you and I know the reason why.

Rachael Yamagata - Reason Why MP3 (via Silly Piped Dreams)
Tagged by Awimawek.

dalawampung tanong, dalawampung sagot

1. How often do you blog? EVERYDAY. 2-3 posts a day.
2. Online Alias: MrDJ, DJ, Call_Boi (LOL), Studmuffin82 (Way way back)
3. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew? YUP!
4. What do you do most often when you are bored? Watch DVD, read a book, blog, and drink advil
5. When bathing, which do you wash first? Get my feet wet.
6. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? College days.
7. What color looks best on you? Right now... green/earth tones.
8. What is your favorite alcoholic drink? Vodka Ice
9. Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death? No.
10. Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends? No.
11. What was your favorite subject in school? Inventory Management, Product Development, Stretching Classes
12. Are you a perfectionist? At some point yes.
13. Do you spend more than you can afford? Yes.... that's why i need to cut my credit card
14. Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have love before? Yes.
15. Do you consider yourself creative? Yes.
16. Do you give yourself the credit you deserve? Yes.
17. Do you donate time or money to charities? Yes. Greenpeace Asia!
18. Have you recently done something that you've criticized others for doing? Countless times
19. What's on your mind? The PCM job at KFP! I WANT IT!
20. Say one nice thing about the person who tagged you and the five people that you are going to tag. Awimawek needs slippers when in a motel... hotel pala. hahahahaha. 5 people? I dunno. Anyone. Blah.

Brief Encounters

Last Friday, after-lunch discussion was about men’s underwear. Hahahaha. Here are my brief encounters.

I don’t usually wear boxer shorts. I wear it when I sleep though. DON’T wear boxer shorts when you wear slacks or cotton pants. You don’t want junior saying hi to the crowd during your presentation. I own 4 boxers. I love this one, my red-checkered boxer shorts. Exhibit A.

Right now, I own a lot of hipster/lowrise undies. Better than classic briefs. I mean, I don’t wear jeans above my hips. I usually wear it within my hips. See Exhibit B.

Now, I’m loving Bench’s seamless undies. It doesn’t leave any garter marks on your hips. The fabric is really great. SEAMLESS. Exhibit C, my green seamless undies. Hahaha!

Now now, I also wear boxer briefs. I have 4 boxer briefs. This afternoon, I bought another one. Exhibit D… white boxer briefs… with a chain… LOL

Really… why with a chain? Hahahaha… You won’t see me wearing this boxer briefs with the chain on it. I mean… how could I explain it to the security guards when I pass by metal detectors? “Uhmmm… I have a chain in my undies, wanna check it out?” It’s like asking women why they have wires on their bra. Hahaha….

I’ll be using the chains for my money clip OR my celfone case. Or maybe to tie-up someone. Hahahaha!

Okay... now that i've shown you my undies... care to let me see yours? Hahahaha.... LOL.

Self Induced Insomnia

now.... now i can't sleep. again.

Periodically, I have a sleepless or "sleep-minimized" night. Lately, it's been about twice or thrice a week. This past Monday night was brutal. So much that it wiped me out for the next two days with a cold. But i still need to go to work.

Now I'm having trouble sleeping again and I don't want to wipe myself out into a cold relapse tomorrow morning . . . . i have an interview and i need to look at my very best.

Sometimes it feels like my insomnia is self-induced. Late evening dvd watching turns into a "late evening to early morning" disaster. Usually when I'm stressed (which seems to be every workday). Other times, it's like tonight -- I'm asleep, but then I wake up randomly (either I'm too hot or uncomfortable) and it seems like I've innoculated myself with just enough initial sleep that I'm doomed for the rest of the night.


Grogglily longing for the blessing of sleep, DEEJ


the life i pretend i have and the life i have has been a constant struggle for me my entire life. sometimes i don't live in my own reality. i blur the lines and end up on the outside looking in. i imagine myself like i would like to be instead of what i am, at times. i feel like i am missing out on the bigger picture. but i am thinking things through right now and this is the truth: i don't like where my life is going.

in the past couple of weeks i have had a small lapse in self-discipline... motivation.. peace.. and control... my happiness is still there in a huge way... it just seems quieter...

Friday, September 15, 2006


It's incredibly amazing to me that there's an entire industry based on people's loneliness. As if loneliness is a disease and these internet companies are out there selling a cure -, JDate, eHarmnoy, 8 Minute dating. Oh, and there's an indirect marketing strategy provided by Friendster, Multiply, even through blogs. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure these are great outlets for some people and in fact, I've knew people hooking up through the internet.

Call me immature or closed minded, but right now, until I'm comfortable saying "we met on" it looks like I'm doing this dating thing the old fashioned way. Again, I can change my mind in a minute (like always). What's wrong with the "old-fashioned way." Hmm.... but actually, the "old-fashioned way" was through a matchmaker. Perhaps I'll have to reconsider my approach.

But speaking of approaches, how do I meet "My One And Only?" Or just a date or something. It seems like with everything else in my life, I have a game plan. Picking a career. Running a marathon (LOL). So why do we not have a game plan for finding "Our One and Only?"

Should we spare ourselves with destiny and faith. Oh my. That'll be scary.

Still Single... DJ

Find Joaquin A Date

Should i set-up my own "Date DJ" blog? Hahahaha... But instead of finding a date before Christmas, I need to someone to take me (dinner, movie, the complete drill) on my birthday which is 9 days from now. Is it feasible? I guess... hehehe...

"So here’s the drill… I’m Joaquin Valdes, and I’ve just realized that 100 Days after September 17, 2006 is Christmas! You know what else I’ve realized? 100 days from September 17, I might be spending Christmas, single…available…romantically, ALONE! That’s why I’m here… to prove to everyone else that ONLY if you exert enough amount of effort, love will come its way. I’m here to prove that only someone who takes an active participation in his/her love life will get that special gift this Christmas. Would you be my date? Or would you help me out? Set me up! Refer a Date! We’ll never know.. you might just be our lovely Cupid." -

Puka Puka

Go team Puka Puka! Go Jenny and Brad. Wait! Is Brad really half-Filipino?

Storm Large and the Balls

Click here to download Storm Large live mp3s (from their concert @ The Sweetwater Saloon - Mill Valley, California).

I love Ladylike and I Want You To Die. Boo-Yah!

Concert Track List (download them here)

Storm Large and the Balls - Ladylike (Concert)

Storm Large and the Balls - I Want You To Die (Concert)

Rockstar Supernova - Finale

Late post... here are the MP3s and other bonus tracks. Do check out the 2 songs from Lukas' band Cleavage (Playboy and Grip). I also posted Storm's Ladylike (sample audio. I'm still looking for the complete track). For Toby Fans, go to their Juke Kartel's MySpace (still looking for their mp3s).

Magni - Fire (Finale) (2:03)
Toby Rand - White Wedding (Finale) (2:06)
Toby Rand - Somebody Told Me (Finale) (1:56)
Dilana - Zombie (Finale) (1:54)
Lukas Rossi - Bittersweet Symphony (Finale) (1:58)
Supernova - It's All Love (Finale) (3:12)
Supernova - Be Yourself (3:37)

Storm Large and the Balls - Ladylike (2:00)

Cleavage (Lukas Rossi) - Playboy (4:59)
Cleavage (Lukas Rossi) - Grip (4:42)

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lukas Rossi - Headspin

All I want to say
is you’re the sattellite in my life
You don’t have to lie
You don’t have to cry anymore

Lost inside your eyes
The vision never dies
Oh just take my hand
or float and never land

Then I hear you say
“Let’s live for the moment this time”
Then you want to keep me forever
Why don’t you just make up your mind

You make my head spin
You make my head spin
Why, why do you
You make my head spin
You make my head spin
Why, why

You love to build me up
just to tear me down
Wouldn’t it be nice
if we found paradise someday

Then I hear you say
“Let’s live for the moment this time”
Then you want to keep me forever
Why don’t you just make up your mind

You make my head spin
You make my head spin
Why, why do you
You make my head spin
You make my head spin
Why, why

Did I hear you say
you wanna be alone
Or was it a mistake
How would we ever know
I can’t hear you scream
You wanna be alone
I can’t hear you scream at me
scream at me

I’m not perfect
I’m not perfect
No, no, no
I’m not perfect
I’m not perfect

You make my head spin
You make my head spin
Why, why do you
You make my head spin
You make my head spin

Did I ever mean something
Did I ever mean something to you
Did I ever mean something
Did I ever mean something to you

what should i do...

on my birthday... on the 24th of September. need your suggestions. :)

Rockstar Supernova - Week 11

Week 11... with Ryan performing his original.

1. Dilana - Roxanne (1:56)
2. Dilana - Supersoul (2:37)
3. Toby Rand - Karma Police (2:08)
4. Toby Rand - Throw It Away (2:33)
5. Lukas - Fix You (2:24)
6. Lukas - Headspin (2:21)
7. Magni - Hush (2:31)
8. Magni - When The Time Comes (2:23)
9. Ryan - Back of Your Car (2:10)

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Pic from

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

poke me and die

the drama

i am not in any way happy nor contented for the past few months........

i dont know. im always attracting drama. drama magnet. like nothing is gonna go right with the things i do. and the weird thing there is, i like it. i like it when im sad. i like it when im hurt, and then i rant and rant like there's no tomorrow. it seems like wallowing is something that will make me complete. honestly, im tired of it. and im trying to get some things in order, and organize a lot of stuff in my life.

it's sad. but i cant complain.

anyway, life does go on. and i shouldnt let myself be just another pebble stone being washed away into nothingness. aaahh!!! melancholy!!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006


what's going on?

surely everyone i know would ask me this if ever they bumped into me in a mall or somewhere else.

so, what's up with me?

what's up with you pare?

i live a monotonous life.

i wake up, get my coffee fix, wait for the company shuttle, get another fix, work, patrol the floor, do errands, get take out lucnh, smoke on breaks, go home.

i am tired. i am bored.

as much as i try to escape monotony, i just can't do it right now... sometimes i hope i could just leave everything behind and try to live a "normal" life. or study again (abroad this time). or go on a long vacation. which i know i cant. im trapped in this kind of life. having nights out with old friends is a luxury i indulge every now and then. i don't miss my past life. i just dow't want everything to be serious.

but now, i face everything on my own. sure, i have my officemates and some bloggers chatting with me online, but i cant burden them with my troubles. i can whine. but i can not explode.

i look into the future, and i get scared. what will i be in the next five years? where will i live? where am i working? who will be my new friends? will i be fat? will i be studying by then? who will be my partner? have i paid credit card bill in full at that time? will i still be with my marlboro menthol lights?

everything is unsure. all depends on how i would see things in time. and that's what's scary.
if someone asked me if i were happy, it would take me as much as a minute before i could reply. right now, i dont know if i am. i guess i'm just... coping. adapting with the change. doing the same things everyday is making my mind numb. And dumb. Lately, no one has ever told me i was smart. or that i talk sense. Jay even told me flat out that i'm getting fat. harsh! at least he's honest. hahahaha... i love a bit of humor every now and then.

anyone can predict my day. i cant complain. i chose this life. i could've done something else. i could've chose to go the other way. like the philip-morris job last year. or take that unilever interview last january. but i didnt.

in retrospect, my life before was unplanned. everything was spontaneous. everything was crazy.

i need a shot of vodka.

Bad Day Monday

I felt so grouchy this Monday. Fucked-up Monday. Dunno what's been happening with me lately... I have to revised an excel file 4 times (i blame it to poor training and transition), i was unable to do what I was supposed to accomplish today (everything seems to be urgent, important, critical and soooo time consuming).

I have to force myself to sleep early. I have to force myself to wake-up and go to work. Bad sign...

I don't do projects anymore... Well, I do not look for projects. I'll just do whatever was asked for me to do.

The drive of working hard to make a good career at Intel died a couple of months back.

No... it's not because the top execs screwed up with their over-staffing and sudden lay-offs.
No... it's not about the down to the minute changes in the org structures.
No... it's not about the stocks.

It's about something else. Something that Intel cannot offer.


Can't Wait!

I forgot to post this last week

Dilana - I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)
Storm - Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)


Sunday, September 10, 2006

These Are Our Obsessions

We're obsessed with beauty and how to look good.

I'm not saying we shouldn't aim high.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't all get ourselves healthy (washboard abs included).

I'm not saying we shouldn't dress well and eat well and moisturise regularly and and have a haircut twice a month and do all of that other stuff we are meant to be good at.

But i guess we should tone it down a bit.

As for me... yeah, i'm still trying to lose a couple of inches off my waist and try rebuilding my biceps/triceps. I lost a couple of pounds last month but I'm not gaining any muscle. Need to do my push-ups and bicep curls and abs exercises again.

But you won't see me working out in the gym 7-days a week.

I have more unimportant things to do...

Good Deeds #1

I was at the mall last Saturday after my P&G exam. I met Miko of Greenpeace and signed up for a quarterly contribution. I thought that I have to give something back to mother nature. I'm already contributing bags and bags of cigarette butts. And since I cannot quit smoking anytime soon, I guess I have to pay up and help. Though what i really wanted is to volunteer for a Greenpeace mission, with work right now, i don't have the luxury of time.

Miko told me that they'll be sending out emails and invitations. He also told me that if they need volunteers for some Greenpeace gigs, they'll ask the sponsors. I hope to do some volunteer work. Clean up somebody elses waste.

Join Greenpeace! Email them at (if you're from the Philippines) or visit them at

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Usually, every weekend, i wake up at around noon for lunch and watch a movie, or read a book, etc. But today, i have to wake up at 630am. I have to go to Makati for my P&G exam at 930am at 6750. An exam that i already took (and passed) 3 years ago. Jay said that maybe they'll check if na-bobo ako after 3 years. Harhar.

I arrived around 8am and decided to get breakfast at Starbucks. Java frappe and Bagel with Cream Cheese... Wait, is the barrista flirting with me or baka naman trabaho lang. Wahahaha... Weird. A good sign :)

Around 9am, i went to 6750. While I was getting an ID, i checked the visitor's logsheet and saw that around 30 people will be taking the exam as well. What shocked me the most was that around 20 of them were already there around 8am. Yung iba 7am pa lang. Excited? Hahaha. My rule is that an applicant should be at his scheduled exam or interview 30-45 minutes earlier. Not 2.5 hours kasi masyadong maaga. Hahaha.

I went to the 20th floor and took an answer sheet, a pencil and 1 sheet of paper. I stepped in the room and saw my "competitors." Most of them were wearing slacks, ties, blazers, etc. I was wearing my black long sleeved shirt, hipster/boot legged pants, and leather shoes. This was just an exam, i thought. I don't need to dress to impress. I'm keeping it casual.

While waiting for our exam, a checked out the people around me. I guess most of them were recent college graduates. My seatmates were from DLSU... MEM folks. Then I saw my eye candy for the day :) Lalalalala.

We started the exam, we were given 65 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. I started with the math questions (nerd alert) which was really easy. Hahaha. Yabang.

After the exam, we were told to stay for 30 minutes. They'll be checking the exam and we will be told if we passed. Harsh. While waiting, I was pretending to read my book. I was actually staring at my eye candy. One by one, we were given a sheet of paper. Oh my.... Hahaha... One of my seatmates failed the exam. Too bad. Eye candy passed! I passed. Again. LOL. Then we were given another sheet of paper with 9 essay questions. I answered it and went home.

Now, the waiting game begins.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Christmas 2005

Last year, we had our Christmas party at Ali's place. The theme was Reggae Christmas party which was better than the White Party that we had in 2004. Dunno what will be this year's theme.

1 Hollywood - Dress up as your favorite TV/Movie character. I'll be Jack Sparrow.
2 The Grind - Hip Hop theme
3 Vegas Night - Poker anyone?
4 Rockstar - Punk, Acid, Grudge...
5 Summer In December
6 Pyjamma Party
7 Grey's Anatomy - Wahahahaha
8 Prom Night
9 Superheroes - Briefs Over Tights
10 Brokeback Christmas - Where can we rent a mechanical bull?


Themes that people will disagree (because they'll win best in natural costume)

1 Fruit Salad - Best In Costume will be Mangga
2 Lord of the Rings - Best in Costume will be Frida (female version of Frodo)
3 Harry Potter - I'll win as Best Harry Potter make-up with my scar
4 Disney Animation - Quasimodo, where are you?!


Will I still be at Intel in December... Too early to tell. Hahahaha!

Blow (2)

Excerpts from Single Guy's blog :)

Why are we so obsessed with measuring the time we have been on this planet? I for one hate celebrating birthdays….it is a rather selfish celebration. You should celebrate the fact that you are alive everyday…not just one day.

When you are young, you cannot wait to get older…to be old enough to drive, to vote, to date or to drink. When you get older, you do not want to look old…you get a kick if you get asked for ID or if someone guesses you are younger than you are…

Age is a mental state really…

Yup, I agree with Single Guy. But I guess every now and then, we must celebrate our birthdays with friends and people close to us. Maybe every 5 years or so :)

Pre Birthday Plans

2 more weeks and i'll be 24... yikes.

chat with jay this morning. telling me to celebrate my birthday. dunno. maybe if someone threw a party for me (hint hint)... harhar!

2 weeks... got to...

1 Lose a couple wounds and inches in my waist/hips. need to go back to the gym. the dumbells that i bought looks like dumb paperweights. 15lbs dumb paper weights

2 Do 1 crazy stuff in my unpublished 50 crazy things to do before i reach 30.

3 Get a new job... in 2 weeks? That's a long shot. hahaha

4 Shop. Hahaha...

I believe... wait... I know that when i turn 24, i'll be able to do whatever i want (or at least do more things). Been chained in the past 23 years. Harhar. No kidding. Wait for the new DJ.

By the way, happy birthday to Pol, Yug and Bryan!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Storm is Ladylike

Oh my... I was really hoping that Storm stays for another week before she gets eliminated. She really rocked it out doing David Bowie's song and her original, Ladylike. Storm, you will definitely be missed. But hey, reality show losers have bigger careers than the winners. And Storm really does not fit the Supernova group (washed-up gang bangers... LOL). I think next week, Dilana might get the boot. Either Toby or Dilana. I hope Toby wins... Go mate! Go team EVS!

Now, as a tribute to Storm, here are her past mp3s throughout the show.

Week 01: Storm Large - Pinball Wizard
Week 02: Storm Large - Surrender
Week 03: Storm Large - Just What I Needed
Week 04: StormLarge - Anything Anything
Week 05: Storm Large - Changes HOT
Week 06: Storm Large - We Are The Champions HOT
Week 07: Storm Large - I Will Survive
Week 08: Storm Large - Cryin' HOT
Week 09: Storm Large - Bring Me To Life
Week 09: Storm Large - Helter Skelter HOT
Week 10: Storm Large - Suffragette City HOT
Week 10: Storm Large - Ladylike HOT
Bonus: Storm Large - Rockstar Clinic Performance HOT

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*Picture from

First Day High

So are you the jock (MVP High), the geek (Brainy High), the Misunderstood (Rebel High), the Popular kid (Sosy High) or the average joe (Nice Guy High).... "First Day High" will hit the theaters on September 27 starring (from L-R) Gerald and Kim (of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition), Geoff Eigenmann, Maja (Sukob) and Jayson. Star Cinema keeps on producing better Filipino movies. Just this year, Sukob, All About Love, and You Are The One were blockbuster hits (haven't watch any of them though).

First Day High... kinda funny, the movie was based from Rexona's commercial with Kamikazee singing the commercial jingle, which became an instant hit. Hahahaha. Now about Kamikazee's hit song by Kamikazee First Day High. From a TV Commerical and now, a movie. Nice huh... And by the way, the movie was sponsored by Unilever... Steph, Djo, Arlene... tickets please :)

More about the movie. Maja is Pre, the fun-loving girl in designer outfits of nice shades of purple. Kim is the whiz kid Indi, who believes love is the result of a chemical process. Gerald is MJ2, the school’s current MVP and star player. Jayson is nice guy Nathan, who puts his friends’ happiness first before his own (kinda like me... hahahaha). Geoff is the rebel Gael, who refuses to go home and rents an apartment he pays on his own (the future me).

First Day High Official Site
First Day High Friendster Page
You Tube Movie Teasers

New Albums

Freestyle - Live at 19 East

1. Freestyle - someone (4:44)
2. Freestyle - just can't stop loving you (4:08)
3. Freestyle - still (4:07)
4. Freestyle - changes in my life (5:28)
5. Freestyle - half crazy (4:25)
6. Freestyle - i don't wanna lose you (4:01)
7. Freestyle - time will reveal (4:44)
8. Freestyle - ebony & ivory (4:26)
9. Freestyle - after the love has gone (5:06)
10. Freestyle - angel (4:44)
11. Freestyle - the girl is mine (4:23)
12. Freestyle - ordinary people (5:05)
13. Freestyle - cherish (4:47)
14. Freestyle - one hello (3:21)

Sofia - Bossa Latino Lite

1. Sofia - Waters Of March (Águas De Março)
2. Sofia - The Look Of Love
3. Sofia - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (duet with Roji Soriano)
4. Sofia - Just The Way You Are
5. Sofia - At Seventeen (Instrumental)
6. Sofia - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (featuring Roji Soriano)
7. Sofia - Just No Ordinary Day
8. Sofia - Let's Wait Awhile
9. Sofia - Constantly (Instrumental)
10. Sofia - Blue Moon (duet with Roji Soriano)
11. Sofia - Desafinado (Off-Key)
12. Sofia - Moonlight Over Paris (Instrumental)
13. Sofia - It's Too Late
14. Sofia - Englishman In New York (featuring Roji Soriano)
15. Sofia - Sorry Doesn't Make It Anymore
16. Sofia - Dance With Me
17. Sofia - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Instrumental)
18. Sofia - Waters Of March (Águas De Março) (duet with Roji Soriano)

Just go to the music page of MrDJ's Multiply

More Bam Bam

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oh My Gulay

Prisonbreak Season 2 Episode 3.... Michael and Lincoln experience car trouble as Mahone's pursuit of them goes up in flames; Sucre hits the road to stop Maricruz from taking a gamble; C-Note is determined to reunite with his wife and daughter despite their surveillance (in the rainbow room... geez, C-note is smart); a familiar face keeps a close eye on Sara (fcuk that bastard), who finds the tables turned on her; determined to cash in on the prison break, Bellick (the bounty hunter) partners with an unlikely ally in the "Scan" episode of PRISON BREAK.

Next week, Bellick shacks up with Michael, Lincoln and Nika in hopes of discovering Westmoreland's hidden $5 million; a family learns the dangers of hitchhiking when they pick up a stranded T-Bag (oh shit); Abruzzi rejoins the family and is determined to get his revenge on Fibonnoci; Kellerman makes his move on Sarah, who gets a phone call she has been waiting for; and Mahone finally gets his man in the "First Down" episode of PRISON BREAK airing Monday, Sept. 11. (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

House is ALIVE...

Nip/Tuck Season 4. Christian is back boning a mom-sis tandem in the first episode. And... HE has his own boy-toy. And he is in You-Tube as the Naughty Doctor (screen cap from episode 1 below... btw, don't try looking for the YouTube vid, it's not available online). Mario Lopez also signed-up in Nip/Tuck for a couple of episodes. New Nip/Tuck song (because the "Make Me Beautiful" song is now kinda boring)... "Strict Machine by Goldfrapp" and "The Ugly and the Beautiful by The Real Tuesday Weld." Watch the trailers (Quicktime Format) here and here. By the way, can anyone by me a Kimber Doll for my birthday? :)

New Series, Standoff is looking kinda nice.

And the OC season 4 returns in November 2... without Marissa Cooper. Hmmm... Looks like Taylor Townsend is getting a bigger role in the OC.

Lastly... Got a question here: "Who's panties are on the bulletin board?" Grey's Anatomy Season 2 returns on September 21. McSteamy returns, McVet is still in Season 2... but Denny is still dead. LOL.

Rockstar Supernova - Week 10

MP3s are now available!

Dilana - Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
Dilana - Supersoul (original)

Magni - Back in the U.S.S.R. (The Beatles)
Magni - When the Time Comes (original)

Storm - Suffragette City (David Bowie)
Storm - Ladylike (original)

Lukas - Livin' On a Prayer (Bon Jovi)
Lukas - Headspin (original)

Toby - Mr. Brightside (The Killers)
Toby - Throw It Away (original)

or just go to MrDJ's Multiply space.

Original Artists

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
Bon Jovi - Livin' On a Prayer
The Killers - Mr. Brightside


Scissor Sisters/ Franz Ferdinand - Suffragette City

Oh yeah! Storm looks freakishly hot in her white beater! And Toby did well in both his original and cover performance. Better than Marty Casey's performance of Mr. Brightside last year. Best originals for Storm and Toby. Hot hot hot!

Storm Screen Caps from


Evs - Aussie catch phrase which means whatever popularized by Toby Rand during his performance a couple of weeks ago in Rockstar Supernova. Evs....

Little Miss Hobbit... EVS!

'Nuff said. You don't want me to shit on you. Unless you want me to. Harhar!

Busy busy busy weeks. And it ain't getting better. Still trying to figure out a couple of stuff with my new job. Thank god the analysis this week was pushed out next week. Now, now... Some updates about my new job search.

(1) I received a mail from Pet and they said that I'm not qualified. Oh well... (2) Received another email from Pro for an exam. I'll be taking the same exam i took 3 years ago. The exam will be on Saturday. Wish me luck. (3) Asked Red Velvet if there's any opening in Uni and she said that they have a couple of job openings. I emailed my resume to her just a couple of minutes ago. (4) Applied online to Hew in Sing. Longshot application.

So there... i'm still keeping my current job until i get a new one. Getting a new job is hard, but getting a better job is harder.

Lesson learned from Steve Irwin (may he hunt all crocs in heaven). He died doing what he love to do. I don't want to die now. No effing way.

18 days and it's my birthday. Still dunno what to do. Maybe i'll just sleep all day. That's how boring my social life is right now.

Monday, September 04, 2006


I’ll turn 24 on September 24. I really don’t celebrate my birthday. Last birthday cake that I had was when I was 7 years old. There were only 2 memorable Bday “celebrations” that I had, which was done as “sige na nga celebrate tayo.”

1st during 3rd year college at Taty’s place. We were there to finish our thesis/project but then decided to call Ius, Yug and Giselle to have a couple of drinks, kanto style. That was it. But it was memorable for me, spending my bday with college buds. 2nd in 2004 with my officemates. We had our tagaytay roadtrip and ended in Con’s place. Again, another kanto style bday with Con’s white pasta, barbeque, alcohol, and Raf’s fog machine called XBOX.

Some friends told me to celebrate my 24th bday with a bang. Kasi, 24 daw ako sa 24. Huh?! Hehehehe. Well, I’m skipping bday cakes and candles again. I’m helping my tita organize my grandma’s 70th bday. She’ll turn 70 on September 25 but we decided to have it on September 23. So there, no big celebration. I’ll just sleep it off and wait for another year for that birthday cake.

VMA'06 - When You Were Young


The Killers - When You Were Young MP3

VMA'06 - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

What happened to his voice? I like the performance though...

PANIC! At The Disco - I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

VMA'06 - Here It Goes Again

Here it goes, here it goes again!!!!!!

Ok Go - Here It Goes Again MP3

VMA'06 - My Love/ Sexyback

Nice... very very nice....

Justin Timberlake - My Love
Justin Timberlake - Sexyback

VMA'06 - Hurt

Very classy side of Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera - Hurt

VMA'06 - Ring The Alarm

This is better than her video. Kinda reminds me of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation.

Beyonce - Ring The Alarm

VMA'06 - Oh Snap

The Duchess (Fergie of BEP) performed during the VMA Pre-show.
Red Carpet + Fergie = OH SNAP!

Fergie - Oh Shit

VMA'06 - Hips Don't Lie

Hot hot hot!

Shakira - Hips Don't Lie
Shakira - Hips Don't Lie (Bamboo Mix)

I just want to feel your embrace

I'm on my senti mode.
XO... Miss you already.

Grace - Kate Havnevik

I'm on my knees
only memories
are left for me to hold

Dont know how
but Ill get by
Slowly pull myself together

Theres no escape
So keep me safe
This feels so unreal

Nothing comes easily
Fill this empty space
Nothing is like it seems
Turn my grief to grace

I feel the cold
Loneliness unfold
Like from another world

Come what may
I wont fade away
But I know I might change

Nothing comes easily
Fill this empty space
Nothing is like it was
Turn my grief to grace

Nothing comes easily
Where do I begin?
Nothing can bring me peace
Ive lost everything
I just want to feel your embrace

(Click the title to download the song)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bam Bam

I was out the whole day with my baby bam bam. I was so exhausted running around Market Market and MOA. But it was worth every single sweat... spending time with bam bam...

As for the Top 12 Idols elimination... i read the recap from Phil Idol Blog. Thank god that I was at the mall rather than watching the show. Ramirr ang Gian got eliminated. What the eff? Then the Idol format changed. The top 4 (from this week) will automatically go to the top 12 finals. I was so happy that Drae got in... But Miguel and Jan? No no no no. Did Simon Fuller agreed with the new format of the show?

Miguel (DLSU) and Jan (ADMU) made it to the top 4. Is this the new basketball UAAP game where we see DLSU vs ADMU. Honestly, both of them should go home.

For more recaps, head to the Philippine Idol Blog. For backstage spoilers, go to Allan's Blog (his B works for ABC 5). Note to Allan (newly found blog friend), can I get free tickets??? Top 12 finals please :)

Next week, we'll hear the ladies battle it out.

MrDJ's note: I'll upload the top 12 male MP3s TOMORROW! Need to get some rest.

Philippine Idol – Top 12 Male

MrDJ’s note: I’m so tired, need to sleep. I'll post the mp3s on Monday (i'm just posting Drae's mp3, the best performance tonight). I have this family thing tomorrow as well. So there... Check MrDJ's Multiply Account (Music Section), I might post it there (again, on Monday). I'm having problems re-linking the MP3 DL link so just go there if you experience broken links.

Top 12 male semi-finalists sang their heart out on stage in tonight’s show.

Ryan Agoncillo, who looks nice in pink, is Philippine Idol’s host. MrC (Ryan Cayabyab), Mamita (Pilita Corales) and FM (Francis Magallona) are the judges who will be booed every now and then. Philippine Idol, here we go!

Freddie Cabael - Macho Guapito (FREDDIE 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 01). Nah. I heard this song performed better in a karaoke bar. Sorry. I really don’t like it. During his auditions, he sang Gary Valenciano songs. Maybe he wants to show some flexibility with his song choices but hey, stick with your own genre. Don’t risk it dude. Not during the semi’s.

Robert Bernadas - Take A Look Inside Your Heart (ROBERT 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 02). Wow! I really love his song for tonight. But what’s with FM’s comment about his dimples? Hahaha. Cebuano’s will definitely vote for him.

Ken Dingle - More Today Than Yesterday (KEN 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 03). Errr… Will he record this song for Ayala Mall’s latest commercial?

Drae Ibanez - What You Won’t Do For Love (DRAE 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 04). Love it. I just love it. He’ll definitely make it to top 12. Top 11. Top 10. Top 4. Top 2? VOTE FOR DRAE!

Onyx Culala - Windmills of Your Mind (ONYX 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 05). Maybe he needs to go back to law school. Or poetry reading. “As a philosophy major, I like to think.” Huh? This ain’t philiosophy class. This is a singing competition.

Gian Magdangal - Footloose (GIAN 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 06). 17:28’s former member. A theater actor. No doubt that he can perform on stage. Footloose, footloose!

Ramirr Grepo - Bed of Roses (RAMIRR 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 07). The rocker idol. Well, yeah, of course Francis M likes him. He’s not bad. I’ll give him 6 weeks in this competition.

Miguel Mendoza - Highways of My Life (MIGUEL 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 08). Falsetto gone wrong? He'll get to top 12 of course. He got the looks. And he's from DLSU. I just hope he'll do better next week.

Reymond Sojor - Tell Her About It (RAYMOND 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 09). What the eff happenned to his microphone? They gave him another mic, but it's not working. ABC5? What the eff happenned? But he's a good sport, he sang again... But i don't like it. LOL

Joseph Astor - Why Can’t It Be (JOSEPH 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 10). I lobe his song as well. Second to DRAE’s performance. Yeah, he kinda looks like Piolo Pascual. So he’ll definitely get the female votes.

Christian Masaga – Have I Told You Lately (CHRISTIAN 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 11). What’s with the intro… hahahaha. He changed the song to a Christian song. But he can definitely sing.

Jan Nieto - Bridge Over Troubled Water (JAN 2339/ 1 908 5 IDOL 12). Steph’s bet for Philippine Idol (he's from UNILEVER). Sorry. I don't like his song. This song is for granny's. And i don't see my lola voting for him. She's sleeping already. Harhar! Good voice, bad song choice.

The 3 judges love Ramirr's performance (huh?). Mr C also loves Gian's Footloose ala Broadway production. I wish Simon is here to whip the judges' asses. The 3 judges ain't doing anything but just to sugar coat each performance. I'm not that disappointed with Mr C, he gave some valid comments. As for Ryan's hosting job, he's really great! As for his co-host (why the eff does Philippine Idol need a co-host?), Heart Evangelista might be on air in the next couple of weeks. Argh!

Next week, I hope to get good recordings. Still fixing the audio set-up.

Spoiler: Top 12 Female Song List

Ina Pangan - Halik
Yasmin Medina - Rhythm of the Street
Erika Bautista - Paalam Na
Cherry Chiu - Almost Over You
Anmarie Cruz - Superwoman
Ira Marasigan - Mr. Melody
Abigail Blanco - What’s Love Got to Do With It
Christina Otero - Come in from the Rain
Jellica Mateo - Bridges
Paula Chavez - Ikaw Lamang
Stephanie Bainbridge - Home
Maureen Marcelo - Sweet Love

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