Tuesday, August 29, 2006

These are my confessions #02

last weekend, i started thinking of what i want in my life.
what my goals are
what i really want
what makes me smile
like the person who will be in my bed when i wake up.
staring at that person's almost innocent face.
taking snapshots in my head.
i am young, and i want to have fun
i do not want to be careless though, i rather be carefree
i don't eat too much rice
half a cup a day, or sometimes none at all
i am not getting fat, but i got tired of rice
i miss kiko's mom's seafood paella!
i stopped exercising a couple of months ago
i need to go back to the gym
but i hate the people at the gym
all muscles but no brains at all
elaine called me yesterday, she said it was nothing
she called me agan this afternoon, she said nevermind
what the hell's matter with you elaine?
i am a workaholic
i work at home and don't file my overtime
i am doing great in my job
i performed extremely well last year
but i guess that's not enough
i watch too much DVDs
i love indie and non-Hollywood films
i love Y Tu Mama Tambien, Amelie and Memento
years from now, i'll produce and film my own indie/docu film
i have wrote script already
all i need is a good camera
i am a frustrated artist
i was supposed to take fine arts in college
but i took an engineering course
there's no money in art..
unless you're already rich and can open your own gallery
and i'm not rich
i'll get rich... in the next 10 years
i want to open an acoustic-coffee-bar+book-shop
and it will have an open mic night
and poetry reading night
like an artist club or something
oh my, i love to dream big things
i just hope that one by one
i can do them
or experience them
now i'm sleepy
and i have tons of work to do tomorrow
i need to get a "life"
or i'll die working...

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