Thursday, August 24, 2006

These are my confessions #01

Between my human and blog personality, I think I'm more open in blog space. Less people judge you for who you are. It's better that way. Actually, I'm transitioning my blog personality to my real world personality. Take the risk because life is too short. Go for it. NOW!

I'm not getting any younger. I'll be 24 in September 24 and I'm still in search of the real DJ. I want to do a lot of things. Travel. Party. Have fun. My life is on standby. I've been dealing with personal and professional problems each and every day. It's time to stop and just have that "feel-good" attitude. I'm not saying that I'll stop bitchin' people but I just have to do the things that i really really want.

now... here are some of my confessions...

i am laidback but i make things happen.
i overanalyze things. i need to know the risks before i do something.
and that's my biggest problem. i'm sometimes scared of taking risks.
i'm afraid of getting hurt. being told what to do. be stereotyped.
i hate stereotypes, and people who stereotype other people. that's wrong.
but i'm guilty of stereotyping other people. due to peer pressure.
i try not to eat too much carbs. i'm getting fat.
i make sure that i look good everyday. i spend 10 minutes fixing my hair.
and another 10 minutes trying to pick which clothes to wear.
but i'll end up wearing the same shirts.
i crave acceptance. the limelight. i am an over-achiever.
i love watching movies by myself.
call it sad, but i hate it when people disturb you when you're watching a movie.
i write too much. but i don't talk as much. i rather listen than argue.
i'm single. since birth. and nothing's wrong with that.
i'm still a virgin. and nothing's wrong with that.
i want to get laid. but not with some stranger. not that i want it to be special.
i masturbate. i watch porn and masturbate. i listen to trance while i masturbate.
i don't do drugs. well, once. marijuana. about 5 years ago.
i don't like beer. i love margarita.
i need to smoke when i wake up. and before i sleep.
i have temporary insomnia during weekdays.
i love reading books. but once i get bored with the story, i'll just watch the movie version.
i don't have any music preferences. anything goes.
i think i'll be great in politics.
i love grey's anatomy. i think i'm like george o'malley.
i hate people who doesn't use their common sense.
there's a thin line between ignorance and stupidity.
i rather be ignorant than stupid.
my grammar sucks. but i'm trying to do something about it.
i'm a great liar. i learned the art of lying from my acting classes.
that's why i know actors are the biggest liars, not lawyers.

there you go... more to come in the next couple of weeks.

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Faith Junkie said...

i know how you mean by being more open in blog space...until you find out that that you have friends who also blog and you link them...oh well.

i may have to do some bean spilling of my own soon. thanks for the idea.