Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Superman, Green Arrow and Aquaman

Smallville Season 6 will return this fall on the CW. We'll be seeing 2 new characters. First one is Aaron Ashmore (twin brother to X-Men's Shawn Ashmore) who will play Jimmy Olsen. The second one will be Justin Hartley who will play the role of Green Arrow. Nice huh?! Anyhoot, here's the season 6 teaser from the CW network.

Speaking of Justine Hartley, he was supposed to play the role of Aquaman, a new series produced by the Smallville folks. Unfortunately, the show got cancelled but there are talks of having the show on air next year.

Hmmm... I dunno. I think that Justin might have a split-comic-hero-personality between Green Arrow and Aquaman. I think Aquaman is way cooler since his power includes talking to the fishies.

[More pics of Aquaman]

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