Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I had my first training with Tin this afternoon. We run through the basics. EC + CT + IC + BP + ICS + UCS + CMO + VG + CAT = RRP. Day 1 was easy. It was actually easy for me to understand the new role. I hope that it's that easy. Well, it's not really easy. It's a tough challenge. Easy count = 4. Easy max capacity = 4.

After the day 1 training, I realized that I'll be doing more than half the analysis 3 weeks from now by myself. She will leave on a Tuesday, the analysis will be on a Wednesday, the report out on a Thursday. Oh my...

I asked a good friend for an indirect advice. I was somewhat overwhelmed when Pancho told me that I'll take over Tin's role in the next 3 weeks. The training should be around 2 months yet I have to be on board ASAP. And I still have to do my current role as operations IE. I really don't see any support from ET.

After reading my friend's advice, i have to admit that I'm just freaking out. I know that I've been blogging a lot about my boredom and the plan to escape the Hello Kitty factory. That this will be my last year in this company. But I cannot move out until I secure a new job. I’m also not the type of person who will just drop everything and leave. So I’m still making the best out of it. Therefore, the show must go on and I have to perform more than what was expected from me.

The “I’m bored to death” is just a phase. Sta Rosa was pushed out, etc. As for my Operations IE role, I think I was more frustrated than bored. Same people, same issues, same non-value-add requests. Which reminds me, I hate Avril Lavigne. She's from the other factory. She's asking for a training. She lacks common sense. Wait. I'll write a separate post for Miss Avril. I'll call it, Avril and the missing common sense.

Yeah, maybe all I need is support (from Boss Chicks, Pancho, and Shingles). I know I can do it, but what I don’t know is if I can do a better job. As much as possible, I want to do more than whatever is expected from me.

Pancho was the only one who approached me and asked me if I'm okay with the job. AS if I have a choice right? ET is doing.. well... something. No words of encouragement from Shingles, Curly, nor Boss Chicks. Is it because they assume that when I told Pancho that I will try to do it, that it means that it's okay? Pancho talked to ET and told him na that I need to work on my training. ET then talked to Dengue Boy 2 Quizon that he needs to cover some of my activities, but why haven't ET talked to me yet. Maybe Shingles will just be there in my first presentation, maybe Sbarro already talked to Curly about the Sta Rosa push out.

I just don’t get. Do managers always assume that everything is okay? No words of encouragement? Or is it because of my past performance review that I did really well? That they assume that I can do it because of my "skill set."

Yeah, I'm such a cry baby. I need (constant) reassurance and words of encouragement. Right now, I'd like to thank some of my officemates for giving me advices about my new role. To Young Curly Girl, to Sbarro, to Tin.

Oh well, wish me luck. 11 working days before my first RRP presentation.

And to Avril, do you need a "Common Sense for Dummies" book?

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juOn said...

You sound like a little boy wanting to be cared for. But you know encouragement does help. It's probably just not part of your bosses' management style. Hell. You can do it even without those sweet words from your boss. :-)

The rain's pouring mad here in Makati. Gad where'd you hide the sun?!