Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sick Puppy

I blame it on the gloomy weather! Pakshet!

I was feeling kinda sick since last Wednesday but i still went to work until Friday becasue of my training. Well, my training was cancelled last Thursday and Friday. Oh well...

I was unable to go to Jeck's birthday party last Friday. Another event scrubbed off from my social calendar.

Since yesterday, I was stuck in my room watching DVDs. Watched Bring It on 3 (kinda nice, Beyonce's Lil sis is hawt!), My Super Ex Girlfriend (G-Girl? LOL), Nip/Tuck Season 1 (Tell me what you don't like about yourself?) and 24 Season 5 (4 hrs to go and I'm done with Season 5).

I was feeling better last Saturday night so I checked my social network and asked if they want to watch Click. Oh my... naiyak ako sa ending. I thought that "Land Before Time" and "Tuesday's with Morrie" were the only films that could make me cry. Haaaaaay.... Click is a must watch movie for workaholics. Moral Lesson: you cannot fast forward your life, you have to deal with everything that comes up. And you have to prioritize your family, yourself, then your job. Which I think I should do immediately.

Speaking of jobs... Just heard that Twater resigned last week. The attrition rate just kept on increasing. Just this year, 5 already resigned (Bacolod Princess, Pug, T, Pancho and Twater) and we only had 1 new hire (Inay Minerva). I told Mickey that there will be 3 more...

As for me, still looking for something BETTER.

For now... I decided not to go to work tomorrow. Still sick and I don't like it.

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