Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Save Me

Here’s the thing…

I really don’t like working for company A any longer. The only thing that keeps me here is that I need to have a stable income. A job that pays the rent, so to speak. When a new company opens its doors for me, I’ll walk out of company A immediately.

I was absent this morning, an eye sore with mild flu. I’m also developing some allergic reactions with people at work.

Around 5 in the afternoon, I learned that one of our officemates resigned. Bad news for me… There are two options: (1) Van will take GP while I take RRP; (2) Van will take RRP while I take GP. Both options that I don’t want to accept. Well, I really don’t have any choice.

Yeah, I know, people will say that it will be good for my career. But hell, I need my social life back. Now!

I’m counting the days, 152 days to be exact. Days until 2007. The clock is ticking, I need to escape. Someone beat me already, and I know some people are also running the race (out of company A). I’ll take 2nd or 3rd place. I’ll finish this race before this year ends.

To my officemate who just resigned. Good luck! You made the right the decision.

2006 IE department population (Jan): 26 IEs (including non-exempts; excluding Interns)

Projected Attrition Rate (corporate assumption): 10%

Attrition Rate (incl. new hire Inay Minerva & 2 future resigned employees): 15.38% to date

Expect the percentage to go up to 26% by the end of this year

Reason for high attrition:
Better Job
Better Company
Better Boss
Better Salary
Migration to another country
And the effects after the company’s so-called efficiency plans.

I need to barf every time I hear the word efficiency.

Barfed again.

Someone please save me!
Hire Me!

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pangga said...

kung gusto mo mag call center ehehehe may bago kaming site sa alabang :D