Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rockstar what?

What the eff happened?

Supernova & Lukas Rossi - It's On

Toby Rand - Rebel Yell (Encore)

Ryan Star - Baba O'Riley

Dilana - Psycho Killer

Storm Large - Helter Skelter


jason said...

One of the worst decisions ever made on national television.

emmerdale said...
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emmerdale said...

sooooo true. they picked boring (storm) over brooding (ryan, my eye candy)? my theory is, they have got such short term memory -- they can't go beyond tonight's performance. or they really had it in for ryan. or gilby wants some eye candy. i dunno.

still, you gotta admit ryan's performance makes you wanna cringe. not the stellar one we've come to expect from him. storm was better tonight.

well, like the dark horse said, let's just see them on the record charts. yeah, them being at the bottom and ryan on top. hahaha.

ron said...

i think that just shows that ryan did not go out with class. Ryan deserves to go sure he has some great performance, losing my religion and in the air tonigh which obviously got him an encore, but all his ungainly movement on stage and his face all pseudo rocker trying to look intense. dude that is not intensity, that's constipation. Storm was the best of the bottom 3 not that it didn't suck to a degree, Dilana gave the worst performance but she earned a reprieve with her previous performance. Ryan....crap standing and jumping from the speaker and spraying audiences with wine. Dude that was way over the top and in a bad way.

Remember when they told magni to throw the guitar and the next thing you know Ryan was throwing his, coincidence I don't think so.