Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rockstar Supernova - Week 05

Patrice - Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)

Josh - Santeria (Sublime)

Dilana - Can't Get Enough (Bad Company)

Toby - Pennyroyal Tea (Nirvana)

Zayra - 867-5309 (Tommy Tutone)

Magni - Clocks (Coldplay)

Jill - Don't You Forget About Me (Simple Minds)

Ryan - Losing My Religion (R.E.M.)

Lukas - Celebrity Skin (Hole)

Storm - Changes (David Bowie)

Dana - Baba O'Riley (The Who)


Anonymous said...

What in the crispy hot hell was Zyra wearing oh Hells to the nah!!!! but you got to admit she does put on a good show but she still cant sing... Later

Dodge said...

you guys are crazy. Zayra is second only to Dilana. She's original and one of the few that actually isn't "American Idol".

Anonymous said...

Zayra?! American Idol?! Zayra is anything but American Idol (and probably Rockstar too)! I don't get your Kelly Pickler = Zayra comment. That's very far off, I think. Zayra is way too much quirky for American Idol. Else, you could have seen some Bjork songs being performed there (the only one I know is It's Oh So Quiet which managed to be in a Big Band week in one of the European franchise of Idol).

Lukas sucked. Toby sucked. Magni sucked. Josh sucked. All the girls sucked, except for Dilana (who is a real performer) and yes, Zayra (who is always a hoot to watch).

Ryan will get the encore.

MrDJ said...

Yeah... i have to pull out that comment i made about Zayra. Sorry :) Oh my I love Dilana and Zayra's performances. I'll be posting their MP3s. Just have to run an errand for my mom. Be right back in a couple of hours.

Mateo said...

Suck is a very harsh word... Let's try "karaoke-like performaces." Wahahaha!

Coop said...

i love that Zayra chick! Dilana is way too much scary for me. But she's great.

Anonymous said...

Cool, DJ! Will be waiting for the mp3s! Now be a good boy to your momma first.

It is what is is, mateo. What irks me is how trying hard they can be sometimes. Besides, "karaoke-like performances" is like 24 or 25 characters to type? I'm sticking to "suck" cos that's what their performances are. Really.

Tina said...

JENNY I GOT YOUR NUMBER!!! 8675309... 8675309... 8675309...

I got it, i got it
For a good time, for a good time

The ultimate stalker song! I love Zayra. I'm becoming a lesbian. Enough said. She'll survive this week!

And Ryan rocked with R.E.M. Losing My Religion on Piano! Oh my! I love this guy!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to download ryan's losing my religion...

what a performance!

jvincennes said...

IMHO, Bottom 2: Zayra & Jill.

Josh is in the wrong singing competion. He has the voice but it's not suited for Supernova.

Once again, Dilana & Storm rocked the house.

Carlo said...


Jamie said...

Oh my! Thanks for the mp3s DJ. You rock! You should change your name from MrDJ to RockDJ!

Diplo said...

Lukas is a "JD-Wannabe." I really don't like JD that much (i prefer Marty and Mig) but JD vs Lukas? I'll have JD. Lukas is trying hard to be a punk-rockstar. He looks like a drag queen to me.

Zayra vs Lukas - I'll vote for Zayra! She has her own style which only few people appreciates.

Thanks for the MP3s.

Pammu said...

ditto on the ryan getting the encore. i even forgot who he was. lukas can shut up.

i adore storm. i mean nothing can get any better than tommy baby, 6 letters...g o o g l e. nearly made me lesbian, that one.

but i worship dilana. worship worship worship.

LA said...

MrDJ - Added you to my links.

Bottom 3 - Jill, Zayra, and maybe Lukas! I think it's bye bye to Jill or Z tonight. If Lukas finds himself standing, he'll kill them with something amazing tonight. If Lukas manages to stay out of the B3, it'll be Dana. She sucks.

Although why are they (SN guys) trying to save Zayra? (Answer: ratings.)

Ryan for encore.

Good riddance, Jill.

MrDJ said...

Dana was eliminated.