Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rockstar Supernova - Elimination

The video below is not Ryan’s encore performance. This was taken last night. But I have his encore performance mp3 (below).

Encore Performance
Ryan - Losing My Religion MP3

As for the bottom 3:
Jill - Alone MP3
Patrice - Eternal Life MP3
Dana - House of the Rising Sun MP3

I liked Jill’s performance of Alone by Heart. Here’s the vid from

Dana was eliminated tonight. Do you think she deserves to be eliminated? Post your comments!

Oh by the way, here's a screen cap of Zayra from last night's episode. [Drool].


Cathy said...

Zayra is HAWT! I think I became a lesbian last night while she was singing 8675309!

As for Ryan, I liked his performance last night compared to his performance tonight. :)

jvincennes said...

My worst nightmare: a Zayra-Kellie Pickler back-to-back concert.

'nuff said.

LA said...

Yeah, I think Dana deserved it, based on the three elimination performances. I think the real sin of the night is that Z wasn't in the B3.