Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rockstar Double Whammy

I was surpirsed about Josh and Ryan being in the bottom 3? I thought Zayra and Patrice will be with Jill. Anyhoot, I'm calling this elimination show Double Whammy! Two encore performances, two rockstars eliminated.

Bottom Three (via Savefile)
Jill – Respect (Aretha Franklin) [this ain't Soul Supernova....]
Josh - Shooting Star (Bad Company) [no comment]
Ryan - Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode) [awesome]

Encore Performances (via Savefile)
Lukas – Creep (Radiohead) [booyah! LOL]
Magni – The Dolphins Cry (Live) [will be uploading soon]

Or visit MrDJ's Multiply MP3 links below
Rockstar Supernova (Double Whammy Elimination/Encore)
Rockstar Supernova (Week 06)

1 comment:

pangga said...

that photo is one of my favourites. if i hadn't had dibs on jake's starfish boy, i would have asked for this :)