Sunday, August 06, 2006

MrDJ Smiles

Hell week in 3 weeks. I'll be doing my training with Tin in 2 weeks. I asked Con-tis about her training to Angela and Tin. She said that it took her around 2 quarters to train Angela, 2 months to train Tin. Oh my, so i have to know everything in 2 weeks?

As if i have a choice! In the 3rd week, I'll run half the RRP analysis with Tin. 3 days in that 3rd week. In day 4, I'll do the presentation by myself.

The pressure... is killing my brain cells.

From getting bored, to getting exhausted, then frustrated. Now, they want me dead.

They said that I can do it. In my first job, I only had 2 weeks (actually, less than 2 weeks) of training to get on board. This is a big challenge. As Fernando said, the new job is being served in a silver platter.

Again, I'm over-analyzing. I know I can do it. I just hope that people (my current boss, my new boss(es), and our manager) would back me up. Only Pancho talked to me about the new job. As for Mr. EK and Mr. Shingles, they never even asked me if I need some help.

I know that I have to do this. I just don't want people to expect to much. Again, I'll have less than 3 weeks of training.

To date, all i can do is to smile...

...and drink my daily dose of Advil.

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